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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Let me spin a yarn for you...

...about some Christmas tree ornaments.
Once upon a time there were some crunchy,
ball shaped,
cat embellished,
toy like
ornaments which may have fallen off our tree - and which I may have nibbled upon.
Okay, okay, I DID chew on them. 
But you have to look at this from a dog's perspective. 
When I brush up against the Christmas tree those ornaments move!
It can be scary!
And when they randomly drop down to the floor 
I feel obligated to protect my family from them!

Hey, I haven't eat any of these!
Speaking of destruction.
This was once a blind,
but now I can see.
Nailed it.
(Stay safe out there y'all!)
I hope you have a White Christmas!
(If it's possible where you live and that's what you're hoping for.)
It's sure looking good for us here!

Although when snow falls down on ya 
 or it gets all clumped up in tiny snowballs on your legs 
it can be irritating. 
 Did you send Santa a letter?
Or go ask him for anything?
Oh! Since there's no chimney here am I supposed to ask Santa 
to wipe his feet when he comes in the front door?
Mom's friend sent her this photo of The New Yorker.
Maybe next year we'll be able to post a photo of me in front of a fireplace.
Did you send or receive any presents?
Mom said these toys made her remember presents from her childhood days.
I have a present waiting for my by the tree.
(They put it up where I can't reach it. I wonder why?)
Here's some photos of the dogs Mom has been hanging out with 
and some other pet pics her friends have sent her. 
 Last weekend Mom headed to the city.
She got to see the touring production of a Broadway show - about a dog! 
But first she got to hear the #Ham4Ham Chicago 
Hamilton cast sing some Christmas carols!
Check it out:
Mom also got to volunteer at the K Love Christmas Concert.
Believe it or not, so far Mom has not flown away this month!
She's stayed around town, 
gone to the library, stocked up on movies and books,
grabbed a mocha or cocoa and some holiday treats,
 put on some good music,
(like Mozart's horn concertos or Kenny Loggins)
and curled up in her new warm, velvety, heated blankie.

Cuz baby it's cold outside.
Here's this month's media suggestions:
There have been some very tragic events around the world.
Mom says she is always praying for 
And remember:

PAWS for a moment and think of a place where you feel peaceful.
If possible go there!
(Phantom Lakers don't forget to light your candles at 7 on Christmas night!)
Merry CHRISTmas to you all!
~ Magnus Pym

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  1. I took a nap in a peaceful place and thought of you, Magnus!