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Dog Blogger
Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


None of us can live without it.
(Mind you it's such a hassle that I have to go out 
in the rain to have a business meeting!)
And although water has caused so much hardship recently
we need to reflect upon the fact that water keeps everything alive.
It also provides so much beauty!
Mom and Dad went to see glass blowing at the Wilbat Studio.
I stayed home and kept the couch warm.
November's wet and wonderful views:
Are you shopping for gifts for loved ones?
Personally, I like toys.
Mom is so sad about David Cassidy's passing.
She played her vintage LPs in memorium of his amazing talents. 
 Did you get stuck in traffic while traveling for Thanksgiving?
 When you are on a road trip, where do you catch a bite?
Have you ordered a kid's meal when you are only a "kid at heart" - not a child.
Did you make cranberry sauce? Did you whip cream and have a sweet dessert?
 Were you able to catch a BOGO afternoon twofer deal at Starbucks?
 Have you tried the new Dominos app for ordering and delivery?
Life is good. is my favorite company for billboard like shirts.
During their buy two get one free sale I got some awesome advocacy tees.
The messages on their tees make me think, act right, 
refocus and often giggle.
The holidays can be hard for some people.
Here's some suggestions:
 Don't put up a wall of isolation.
Have a heart to heart with a good friend.
Birds of a feather flock together and help one another!
The person you need to share with could be right in front of you waiting.
They could even be in your own home.
Even when life becomes draining-don't lose heart!
 If you feel like you are unraveling ask others for support!
 Stake your claim in joy and trust in whichever way you would choose to go.
 Is any of this ringing a bell?
Urban views:
Look closely for something nutty. 

Stay healthy y'all!
And stay in the light!
Mom got to see the I'll Push You movie.
So good! Check out the link!
I can't wait to see this documentary!
I hope you have your advent calendar ready!
Let the countdown begin! 
Deck the halls and town with boughs of holly!
PAWS and think of someone with whom you can share a bit of kindness.
Bring them some comfort and joy. 
~ Magnus Pym