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Dog Blogger
Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Down to the Wire

Sometimes you have deadlines to meet and 
you have to keep working 
alllllllll the way 
down to the wire.
That's how I roll.
Mom and Dad took me to an art show this month!
Mom bought a really sweet tiny painting 
by a local artist: Cindi Sartain.
Check out the back of the canvas:
(That's the only kind of mouse in the house Mom would allow!)
It's been a-corn-y month.
(Thanks for the pun M.) 
Mom even WON a Mission:Pic mission with all her sweeping!
Speaking of winning...
This is a shocker:
Mom won the Hamilton lottery - a second time!
(Say whaaaaaat?)
For just a few pennies she was back in the room where it happens.
(Just BELIEVE, it could happen to you "two!")
September was a month full of culture.
Literature, media, music, arts, theatre.
Musicals like Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat 
help us to understand stories in the bible. 
Switchfoot celebrated the last rays of sunshine at Ravinia.
 War and fighting belong in a museum.
They need to be history only.
6 months ago Mom bought a tix for Hamilton.
She sat way up in the balcony.
She loved seeing the things she'd missed being in the front row.
Guess Mom took a historical photo that day since this theatre has been renamed!
Super addicting Starbucks summer game Mom played.
PAWS Chicago statues are all over the city.
 Do YOU believe in LOVE?
Is this your motto?
Mom wants to have a good time while being of service.
This month's guest appearances:
Don't be a turkey.
Don't be a snake in the grass.
Just don't.
Fully Rely On God
Mogli, Dosio & Peaches
Mom and I both love food. 
What's cookin' in your life?
What are you hungry for?
(Don't let yourself get "hangry!")
Mom got some candy in Italy.
She's ate it all and wanted more.
So far she hasn't found the brand online or in gourmet shops.
But she did find some unique stuff!
Do you see the smiley face in that peach slice?
EYE see eyes in avocados.
Do you?
Isn't it funny how we have food slang?
Like "Wholly Guacamole" and "Hotdog"!
 Do you see the dripped soda wink?
Beautiful flowers, wild grasses, waterfronts and turning leaves.
The world is full of beauty.
Is your foundation rock solid? Are you listening to pearls of wisdom?
Something fishy is going on around here...
Mom owns these doll house furniture items!
Look how much they are "worth!"
Housework is hard work.
Go Cubs, go!
Go Bucks!
Remember last month's blog title?
Have you been staying present and focused on your surroundings?
Here comes the funk, here comes the funk, 
you gotta get ready cuz here comes the funk.
Controversial subject.
Thank you Stevie Wonder for takin' a knee and then
taking TWO in prayer for our world leaders. 
Of course Mom has bad knees so she'll just sit down.
First Amendment rights are OUR rights.
Let's focus on helping people AROUND the WORLD who are suffering.
Mom, Dad and my human sister got to step back in time.
They got dressed up and went to a renaissance festival!
I bet you were wondering where Waldo was!
Mom got to go to Indiana for a wedding.
What a glittery, love filled setting!
With a s'mores station!
Sometimes I want out, sometimes I want in.
Do you struggle with that problem?
Mom saw this display of Christmas nutcrackers 
on September 15th.
First problem: Too soon.
Second problem: Not about CHRISTmas.
Christmas is not about decorations, presents and PC Santas.
Mom made this video on September 8th.
Now it on the other hand is funny. 
She said the dog named Hope that lived 
with them before I arrived was buried 
with a toy hedgehog like this one. Sweet. 
Paws and think of something you could create, just from you mind.
A poem, a painting, a book, some lyrics, whatever!
Now get out there and CREATE in a wonderful new day!
Regardless of the whirling world, you get to decide your perspective. 
God can use ALL things for good.

~ Magnus Pym