Dog Blogger

Dog Blogger
Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


PAWS for a moment.
Where are you right now?
Look down!
Look up!
Be where you are both physically and mentally.
Pay attention.
Be in this moment.
Thank you especially for taking the time to check out this blog.
(Paw portrait taken by Jenny of JennyLu Designs.)
While I got the house hairy Mom went across the ocean to Austria, Slovenia and Italy.
She loved noticing doorways, windows, rooftops, alleyways and more!
Mom said it was HOT in Venice.
I would not have survived...
A teeny tiny breeze set these cute pinwheels in motion.
Mom said she enjoyed every bite of the trip!
Apple Strudel and Sacher Torte in Vienna.
Brooklyn gum in Venice.
Wait, what?
Pasta in Italy.
Goulash and cevapcici in Slovenia.
She traveled by plane, car, boat, gondola and chairlift.

Playtime is international.
Love of flowers is worldwide.
Facing the future through the past.
"Now that's Italian!"
Filtered the pic looks like an oil painting.
Patterns POP in B&W.
Early morning labor.
Amazingly strong dudes.
Orange juice.
Windows and doorways.
The Bridge of Sighs
Piazza San Marco
Boat Tour to Murano Glass Factory
Burano lace.

The colors of Burano.
Mom loves sending postcards.
Check out this cool postcard mobile and a famous one.
Peggy Guggenheim Museum
Rick Steves would not be impressed.
Rialto Market
Ponte dell' Accademia
Mom gave "Charlie Chaplain" a euro.
Venice from the sky.
A dragon is attacking the airport!
Hey there little fella!
It was good to get away from the news but the airport newstand was dire.
Gift buying is fun!
Mom met this LA gal.
Check out her social media sites!

Crazy drivers...can't they see?
Stuff Mom wanted to buy...but didn't buy.
Always take time to pray and worship.
Don't risk missing out - get out there and see the last rays of summer!
Cause the tunes are still playing!
Savor the flavors!
Enjoy the ride!
Are you ready for the Total Eclipse happening on the 21rst???
PAWS and sing:
"...look around, look around,
how lucky (blessed)
we are to be alive right now!"

~ Magnus Pym