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Dog Blogger
Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February is the he-ART month.

Seen any good ART lately?
These yarn stormed (guerilla knitting graffiti) displays are TREE-mendous!
I hope your Valentine's Day was full of LOVE and KISSES!
Maybe you received a letter or two?
Or a belly rub?

Friends do the nicest things. 
Like giving you cards that make you smile.
It's also fun to hang out with them -
to take hikes and go exploring.
Maybe you will find some "ice" stuff like these dino and monkey faces.
Mom loves to capture this kinda stuff with her phone camera.
Fun Finds
Have you ever have your train of thought go blank?
Don't worry about it!
STOP and meditate!
The PAWS will give your brain time to regenerate. 
Thoughts will come back to you even brighter and wilder!
You just gotta take time to unwind.
President's Day brought more time to PAWS and 
ponder how things have changed over time. 
Did you watch any of the Winter Olympics?
It's been ccccccold and we've had a lot of snow here!
It made ordinary things look artistic.
 This movie sparked an interest in Mom. 
She's taken photos of typewriters for years.
But suddenly she wanted one. 
Not wind, nor rain, nor blowing of the wind could keep her from her quest.
And did she get the 
She gave herself the ROYAL treatment in the end:
Thrifting was rich with unique and colorful this month!
Orange rage.
Check out the podcast Good Life Project

 Media selections:
Do you have your Oscar winner pics made?
Another fun podcast to try:
Yummy images!
Comforting images.
 Random stuff:

all the people, living in harmony...

R.I.P. Billy Graham

PAWS and reflect on a person who had an influence on you growing up. 

Until next month,
Magnus Pym
I see the moon and the moon sees me.
God bless the moon and God bless me.