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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Rise Up!

See how handy it is that I attacked and chewed up
that one blind? Now I can supervise my turf way better!
From my viewpoint I have seen my human Mom 
(and millions of people)
in protest and resistance.
And since my human mom is the person who 
helps me create this blog 
I'll be sharing what has been going on this January from her perspective.
 It's been a "whale" sized amount of stuff!
Sometimes life can be a bit like a game of tug of war. 
One side pulls one way,
another side pulls the other way.
Can you relate?
The third Monday in January is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
This federal holiday reminds us to:
But soon after this date our country - and the world - experienced
a surge of division, anger and restrictions.
America and the world have seen conflict before - it's what we do about it that matters.

Some people are able to make beautiful music out of heated situations.
2017 has definitely been a hard year to get excited about.
 However, Mom did make a fabulous wall calendar 
 - using my photos - so that helped.
(Mission:Pic did a smaller calendar set on an easel this year.)
Hey, I'm featured on the download page of the app!
Check it out and come join Mom there!
(AKA Blessed Pen.)
You should also use the Donate a Photo app and give $1 a day to a charitable cause!
Did you make any resolutions or goals for 2017?
Here's Mom's:
Here's some music she finds inspirational:
She likes wood burning fires and sunrises too.
Before getting to the meat of the matter,
here are some doggy photos sent to Mom this month 
and some of the pups she's seen around town or walks:
I give Mom's coat a big snuffle down when she gets home.
Every day Mom comes home smelling like different dogs!
Which Dog Friends????
I can't always tell, but she says she loves me best.
She better.
Sometimes it helps to chew my frustrations away or lie in the sun.
Here's this month's media and entertainment recommendations:
The commentaries and special features about 
fashion week in Paris are fascinating.
Please be sure and see La La Land.
It's sure to win the Oscar for Best Picture.
Frightening statics and interviews with real addicts. A very sobering documentary.
Mom picked this sweet poetry book up when she was in Virginia. 
The photographic illustrations are lovely. 
This documentary about a child bride is terrifying.
Mom enjoyed listening to two award winning children's books.
Two very, very odd movies.
This may win some Oscars - but it's disturbing!
What a meddling mom!
Go see this if you want to cry:
Here are this month's vintage views:
Let's take a quick coffee break, or two, or three, or TEN+!
Did anyone else get addicted to the Starbucks for Life game like Mom did?
(FYI, the only "prize" she won was 8 bonus points!)
Mom did an "Independent Study" this month of
The Beatles.
She found out she was a bit behind on understanding the craze 
but now she understands! 
Some of the songs and movies were 
a bit too "out there" for her taste, 
but the movie commentaries and information
on the booklets included with the cds and dvds 
were filled with fascinating facts about 
The Fab Five. 
Mom even got back into reading these super strange poems 
and they seemed a little easier to understand. 
Mom's got this to look forward to in a few days:

Now for the main reason for this month blog title.
For those of you whom Mom and I love who did
not vote for Hillary Clinton - thank you for
continuing to read and listen.

On January 20th Mom held a black out.
She did not watch TV or listen to live radio.
She had no connection to the events happening in D.C.
except when she was accidentally exposed to them from phone calls.
The next day she MARCHED.

Along with millions of other women.
See this footage of the mass protests:

Thank you to everyone for being peaceful 
and to the police force for keeping us all safe.
Mom bought a tee to wear so she can keep advocating for equal rights - for ALL.
For the train ride home Mom bought a McDonald's Happy Meal.
This was what she got as a toy.
It delivered a timely message.
Regardless of the CRAZINESS around her
Mom is going to choose to be HAPPY.
We hope you will too. 
(Check out this inspirational video about the March and future protests.)

If you are frustrated - do something about it.
Call officials in Washington!

Send letters to Washington!
Like the one below which was written by a friend:
Be proud of what you believe in and resist actions
which you find offensive!
But don't forget to laugh.
And take care of yourself!
Never forgetting that:
He is the vine.
We are the branches.
But we are stronger together.
So grab your friends 
and go out into the world and do good!
Look for beauty daily and find it in simple things.
Keep the faith!
Do what you can and then rest.
Here are some tasty reasons why life is good:
Don't be fooled by that last one. 
It may look yummy, but it was made during 
an Iron Chef competition at a youth group. 

Sometimes things look good -
but then you discover that looks can be deceiving.

Have you ever experienced that?

Mom says many folks are having a bittersweet moment
after selecting what they thought would be all peaches and cream. 

PAWs and reflect on a time when you made a decision 
that had bigger consequences than you expected.

~ Magnus Pym


  1. Magnus, thank you for sharing your mom's activities with us. Do you wish you had been part of that magnificent March in Chicago too? I loved all the photos and the reminders to stay positive. By the way, your little blonde friend with the red paw booties is adorable!

    1. I would have LOVED to have been marching with my mom! (I usually don't even make it around the block these days though.) That red booted blonde is one of my favorite friends!

  2. Good job, Magnus! Will take your advise, Rise Up and Resist! ✊️✊️✊️��