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Dog Blogger
Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thankful for no deadlines.

Another month has zipped by and Mom has been traveling...again.
I am grateful this blog is a creative outlet and not a business.
When Mom and I are ready to share musings and images you all will be the first to know.
But for now we are gonna rest.

PAWS and think of your favorite napping place.

~ Magnus Pym

And we're back...
It's a snowy day, time to post the photos we had prepared for November!

Below is a gratitude list in photos and captions:
Blogs (like this one by Neen) and presentations (with snacks) about GRATITUDE!
The gorgeous architecture in our kinda town, Chicago!
Parks, open lands and nature.
See the turtle?
The right to vote & the right to not like election results. 
(My cousin cat in Ohio comforted Mom on Election Night.)
Being able to not worry about any of it! God's got a plan!
Good coffee and still being able to say, 
"Hell yes!" when the barista calls out, "For Hillary?"
(If only they could learn how to spell!)
Hanging out with 6 million other fans while attending
the Celebration Parade congratulating the Cubs on winning the 2016 World Series. 

Movies that broaden understanding about conditions 
like autism and bipolar depression.
That friends send Mom cute doggy socks. 
Seeing cute dogs while out and about. 
Hanging out with friends. 
(Even when we stay within the lines.)
Continued hope that you may win tixs through a lottery 
so you can go to a musical with a friend.
(No boycotting Hamilton in our family!!!)
Knowing that taking a photo of some SQUIRREL plateware 
is enough of a gift for a friend who is fond of them. 
Concerts with friends!
Remembering a special man during a Celebration of Life ceremony at a special place.
Remembering and thanking the Veterans who 
served our country and gave us our freedom.
Thanksgiving, turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, hot rolls, peas and onions, etc...
Blessing prayers and 
F.R.O.G. behavior!
(Knowing to "Fully Rely on God")
Good books!
Discovering what you have is ENOUGH.
Not being afraid of the dark.
(Not too much...)
Seeing things that are far out.
Sunlight. Tiny birds. Flying.
Knowing I am blessed.
Understanding that an attitude of gratitude 
is the only way to live a life in God's will!
PAWS and let a mental list of things 
you are grateful for fly into your mind.
Breathe out a sigh of thankfulness. 

~ Magnus Pym

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