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Dog Blogger
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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Help! I need somebody!

Many of you may think I create this blog all by myself...
...but I have a confession.
My Mom helps me.
(A little.)
And since she's only been home 18 days this month 
a big blog post is just NOT going to be completed by the end of August.
(I really like the family that takes care of me 
when Mom goes off on her adventures though - so it's all good.)
Mom says she will come online later and 
upload what I've been working on.
She went back to the OBX so many of her pics are sites
y'all have seen so I'm going to focus on other places.
Here's a tasty teaser:
Have a great Labor Day weekend!
I hope you see some pretty sunsets or sunrises,
 gaze at some stars,
and write some love letters.
Maybe you'll even get out on a boat!
Or get to a beach.
More to follow!
I need to rest for now.
Are you registered to vote?
Added addendum:
Late in August Mom traveled to Massachusetts. 
The streets of Boston were filled with unique images including
pigeons, old signage, carved doorways and windows, 
old buildings dwarfed by new architecture, monuments and artwork. 
What a beautiful, historical city! 
Here's a few highlights from Mom's adventures downtown, 
in the country, and out to Cape Cod.
Graffiti Alley

Cape Cod
Orchard House and grounds.
Waldon Pond
Mom loves to travel! 
She hopes to see more of America - and the world!
PAWS and ponder - where is the place you hope to see soon?
~ Magnus Pym

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