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Friday, September 30, 2016

BIG time fun!

Last month Mom went to the OBX, Boston and Cape Cod.
This month she took of for Michigan, Wisconsin and Texas. 
All I got were postcards and letters...but at least the stamps were cool. 
The part of Michigan she went to looked like Italy! 
She said they had lots of sunshine...
...fresh produce
...pretty flowers
...and lovely country road scenery.
Check out the cool book she found:
Speaking of people and animals my human brother has adopted a cat. 
I am dealing with it...
Mom has been dog sitting a lot lately. 
She comes home smelling like other dogs.
A friend sent her this photo of a miniature English Bulldog.
I'd never heard of the breed, have you?
Notice the dog is ON TOP OF a table. 
Big dogs like me can NOT do that!
I had a photo shoot the other day. 
In the truck!
Have you been able to help find a cure for cancer by eating ice cream?
You need to - it's "graet!"
Graeter's Cones for the Cure is a SUPER fundraiser!
What a beautiful rainbow!
I've been able to get out into nature this month.  
Have you?
Mom says she always feels "barn again" when she gets to see nature.
But she's a city gal at heart.
Here's photos from her trip to Madison, the capital city of Wisconsin. 
She had Russian dumplings at Paul's Pel'meni.
She said they are really good - especially with just a dash of Sriracha.
Getting down to the Nitty Gritty of life is always a good thing.
As is knowing in black and white clarity what you like and don't like.
As is "sailing away" with the beauty of the U of Madison campus.
And although a homemade frozen pizza with some fresh veggies is good...
...gourmet pizza from Ian's Place is even better!
Mom had a slice of braised beef which she said was very tasty. 
Mom said the bike path system in Madison is outstanding 
 and there were lots of neat shops and restaurants. 
She especially liked the Chazen Museum
Although life is hard... is good. 
Mom continues to love supporting this company.
That being said, fruit flies are not so good.
We had a influx of them recently and 
Mom went bat crazy trying to kill them.
One of her methods was to squirt them with water 
to slow them down and smoosh them.
(Check out the smart fruit fly perched on the squirt water bottle.)
I helped Mom with the laundry this month.
(The plastic basket tastes very yummy.)
Are you able to see artwork where you live?
Have you seen these artistic ballon dog statues?
Mom saw them in the airport on her way to Texas. 
That's where she saw this groovy candy too.
The airport bookstore had the works of two of her favorite authors:
Have you checked out Liz's new podcast Magic Lessons?
It's awesome!
Mom was able to have some yummy Texas BBQ. 
And saw some "points" of interest...
...some unique parking jobs,
and hang out with some fun friends.
She said she had a 5 STAR experience at the Cowboys vs. Bears game. 
She walked among the stars.
And watched the action LIVE from the 13th row!
Did you know there are rolls of turfs for football, soccer
 and other events stored under the stadium?
She got a VIP experience down in the Fantasy Sports Lounge 
where Da Bears entered the stadium through a plexiglass hallway.
Way cool. 
The cameras for Sunday Night Football rolled past over and over. Fast!
Fireworks and flags!
Cowboys and cowgirls!
Cheers and fanfare!
All done up BIG - Texas style!
The STARS were definitely out!
The stadium even looks like a giant spaceship!
Next, Mom moseyed on over to Fort Worth.
She was "stalled" by the shops and cattle. 
She was "spurred on" by the history and art found on the streets of this town. 
Next time she hopes to see a rodeo!
She said she even considered a new job:
And some new wheels.
But she travelled on to Dallas instead.
There she hung out with Effy who works at Effing Gear.
Here's a wee bit about the company:
Effing Gear has partnered up with Fashion Delivers, also known as “Kids In Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.). In their own words “We help fight poverty and tragedies through the gift of new products, including apparel, accessories, shoes, home furnishings, toys, books, school supplies and other items.” Effing Gear is proud to be affiliated with Fashion Delivers and with every article of clothing that you purchase, we donate one to fashion delivers. With each article that you purchase, you will receive an Effing Gear bracelet that serves as a reminder that, YOU EFFING CARE!

Mom attended a Debate Watching Party at the historic Texas Theatre.
And although Mom is a Hillary supporter, 
she continues to see interesting bumper stickers: 
What have you seen lately?
Have you driven upon any awe inspiring overpasses?
Mom says they are tummy tickling.
Have you created any art this month?
Have you had any injuries to your body and pride?
(Mom did...)
Hey, I know it's a hairy subject... 
...but don't be a "dum dum" and avoid getting help or going to a doctor.
We all need to take care of ourselves!
And always buy yourself fresh flowers!
Because no matter how hard you try you 
will still be a little klutzy.
And you'll always have trials with negative critics.
Just turn the other cheek,
keep the waters of your creativity flowing,
and CREATE - because you can!
Give it a whirl!
It's fun!

Then PAWS for a moment - and do it again!
~ Magnus Pym


  1. Great job this month! I feel as though I travel with you! Keep up the good work.

  2. Magnus, you sure have been busy keeping up with all your mom's adventures! Thanks for sharing the cool photos and stories with us!