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Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Pup's Primary Purpose

In the heat of the summer  
(and in an election) 
a pup always knows it's important to keep cool... 
...but dog gone it - it's been a long wait!
Hooray, the glass ceiling has finally been shattered!
Finally a woman has been nominated to become
 President of the United States of America!
this is exciting!
It is such SWEET news!
Get on the wire 
and tell all your friends!
(Okay, we know, some voters aren't quite as excited...) 
But as long as folks remember to F.R.O.G. 
(Fully Rely on God) 
all will be well.
Hey, July is a month with some special birthdays
worth roaring about!
Here's some ways to celebrate!
If you've got some spare change 
here's some good gift ideas for my Mom:
 (No, that ornament is not even worth $.25
and for sure don't buy her a sewing machine!)

While Mom was at the Presbyterian Youth Triennium she went to a famous diner.
She had a root beer frost.

At the conference she made some new friends, enjoyed the speakers and worship time, 
and traded pins with the other delegates and advisors.
There were over 5,000 in attendance!!!!!
She said the food at Purdue was awesome too!
The activities at the event were filled with joy and hope.

Mom even went geocaching!

Mom loved being at the Triennium! 
(She had to leave early but the event really it helped her with her Ride of Faith.) 
Mom continues to be Barn Again, over and over.
Mom even stumbled upon a Barn Sale!
While there (and elsewhere) she saw and bought some collectibles:
Another thing Mom (and her mom) saw this month was
a black BEAR!!!
(They did not get a photo.)
But it did happen!
Lots of pretty sites were seen this month:
And, as usual, here's dogs Mom saw while traveling 
and out and about town this month. 
(There may be some other critters...look closely.)
Here's my friend Emma waving hello to all of you!
Summer is almost over!
Make sure you PAWS and enjoy the last rays!
(And if possibly, get yourself a belly rub.)
Keep it cool.
~ Magnus Pym


Papa R.


  1. Great job Magnus! Very entertaining! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Magnus, I love the photos as much as the stories on your blog! Your life is inspiring because it is so full of adventures! Seleen