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Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hot Time in the City

I get pretty thirsty on hot summer days. 
It's nice to have a water bottle to chomp on.

WOW, this dog is front page news!
Summer has so many fun options.
I bet that new Duck, Duck Goat place
 featured on the front cover has good food. 
Maybe someone will bring me home a Doggy Bag!

And how cool would it be to be a shopping bag model?
I'd love to score a gig like these!

And this car decal Mom saw is pretty boss too.

The first week in June Mom was off again.
I stayed at home and kept things safe...

Mom went to Kentucky for a church mission's work trip 
stopping in Indianapolis for lunch.

The food served at the camp where she stayed looked colorful and yummy.

The drive to her work sites looked pretty.

Decks were built and painted, gutters were purchased and hung, 
and lots of weeding was done.

Mom wore s'mores socks at campfire time. 

She met Samson the puppy in Loew's. 
(Mom said she went there 12 times in one week!)
And the mayor's pup Brady.

Mom and the youth group kids ate lunch beside a pioneer graveyard.

After a hot week of volunteering Mom headed back 
with flat Jesus helping to guide her home.

Then it was off to some drama under the stars.
I wish dogs were allowed at Ravinia!

Pretty summer herbs.  
(I know not to water them.)

More Chicago Botanical Garden beauty:

See the heron?

Here's Mom's media recommendations:

A new Life is Good store opened up in Evanston.
Mom treated herself to some puppy LOVE.
The two pups, Pearson and Madison get to go to work there every day!
I miss working at Mom's store!
This looks like a fun place to work.

Down the street the snow cone biz was booming on a hot day.
The sign reads: Free Snow - 50 cents per flavor.

 While Mom took off AGAIN I made sure the house was safe.

 This time she volunteered at Y camp for a week 
and increased in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and man.

She didn't even need to put on sunscreen all week because
she worked in the craft shop in the basement of the lodge.
I think the door is cool!

Mom WON a Mission:Pic challenge with a pic she took in the craft shop!
(She wasn't on the app the whole week while she was at camp. 
She said she wanted to be present and focused on only camp. 
But what fun to win with a pic from her week there!)

I guess there were some make believe dogs lost at camp.
I'm just glad they weren't real!

Mom said these blueberry scones had about a pound of butter in each one!

Mom was so excited to have this sauce at camp.

 Sing with me, "Geese on the in the sky."

 They had fun sock Friday!

When Mom got home she and Dad went out on the Harley
and sweet talked themselves onto an 86 foot yacht! 

And Mom won some free concert tixs from 93XRT!
(Let's just say there were a lot of GRATEFUL hippies at this concert.)

Here's this month's featured guests:
 Gibbs is doing his rendition of "one Grecian urn" from Music Man.

This guy is a little stuffy. HAHAHA!

Oh, and here's Rosie "horsing around" and saying HELLO!
She lives in Colorado with Mom's friend.

Hey, who let this cat on the blog????
Quality control is down these days...

After a week on work trip and another at camp Mom was plumb tuckered out. 
She's been taking a lot of naps.
(Which I could have told her are powerfully wonderful.)

Here's some of Mom's friend's dogs cutting some zzzs on their new porch in Alabama.
Looks comfy. 

And here's Yuki snoozing and waiting to be adopted.

Can you believe summer is already a third over?!
Make sure you PAWS and notice the daisies!

Keep it cool!
~ Magnus Pym


  1. Very cool Magnus Pym!! You are the coolest dog I've never met! Keep everybody safe there and stay positive!

  2. Hey Magnus! Thanks for all the updates this month. Your Mom has been so busy I haven't her in awhile. We will have to get together soon and maybe she will let me take you for a walk!!

  3. Hi Magnus! I met your mom in Indiana. Love the pics. Keep up the good work. Julie