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Dog Blogger
Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is all around us. 
Use your senses and embrace the blessings. 

Get to the root of the matter.

Tell your own tale.

Shine your own light.

PAWS and ponder.

Take care of your health.

Be of service. 

Do good for others. 

Be curious.

Create beauty.

Take time outs. 

You only get one ride, enjoy it. 

Worry never changed anything - so

Select from a wide menu of choices.

But be sustained by the Bread of Life.

And turn to the Son for all your needs. 

Be you - as hair raising as that may be. 

But be sure you can look yourself in the mirror...and love what you see. 

 Appreciate fountain of youth moments.

And treasure old memories.

Paint the world how you see it. 

Play your own music. 

Be in the stream of things. 

Take time to be with loved ones.

Life is not black and white.

It's full of colorful choices. 

Life can be hard.
But Life is good
Keep your chin up. 

And trust that when you are done living and you've made the right choices, 
 you'll become Barn Again and everything will be alright. 

P - Thank you for the love.

PAWS and follow your heart. 

~ Magnus Pym

Don't let the parade pass you by.


  1. Sustained by the Bread of Life! Indeed! :) I really liked this! Thank you!

  2. Well done Magnus!! Made me laugh out loud. Fantastic photos.