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Saturday, April 30, 2016

On the Road Again

I am one who loves to play around, but I have a serious matter to address. 
There are a lot of dogs in need of a home.
can make a difference.
Check out the shelters and foster care system in your area if you are looking for a dog!
I am an AKA registered dog but a lot of my friends are mutts. 
I love that dogs of all kinds can get along:
those that like chewing on bones, those that like bouncy balls, 
those that like walks on the beach and those that like long snores on a couch. 
It can be hard to get along though. 
It takes acceptance and tolerance, especially when your personal space is invaded.
Life may be full of bumpy roads, but it's worth the trouble. 
Try to smile and enjoy the ride.
Something I am working on to make life easier it to try and make less clutter.
(Unfortunately I am weak at times...)
Maybe I just need to make a fresh start. 
We watched the final episode of American Idol. Did you? 
That show has nurtured and launched the careers of many amazing Christian artists.
Mom likes Colton Dixon's singing and piano playing.
Mom loves rockin' out. 
She and Dad were able to hear Meatloaf in concert this month.
Sadly the Rock World lost a real Prince this month. 
When she went to North Carolina this month she was able to hear 
a live band playing outside on a gorgeous afternoon.
(See the dog listening too? I wish I could have been there.)
Before she left she picked up some awesome LPs at an estate sale.
She also volunteered at the K Love Bible Tour concert. 
(At the last K Love concert Mom met the talented Danny Gokey!)
At this tour she heard Matthew West and learned 
about the prayer ministry he and his dad run called Popwe.
After helping set up for the concert Mom was treated to an afternoon in Chicago 
They had an amazing time looking at the city together.
Here's Mom's monthly media recommendations:

Mom saw some beautiful sites while driving through hills and valleys.
God's amazing handiwork was everywhere! 
Mom listened to a classic while on her road trip.
(She said it was full of scary images! The Disney version is way milder.)
Here's a pretty image made by one of Mom's Ohio friends
and here's a heart shaped log Dad, Mom, and I found on a walk. 
During her trip through Ohio on her way to North Carolina 
Mom found out a friend had died who had been an amazing Pen Pal.
(May Days will never be the same.) 
When Mom went to Cincinnati she stopped in at the Art Museum.
No lie...seeing artwork of strong women of politics made her very happy. 
She was able to see where my human brother lives. 
She said he's got some really nice digs.
I miss him.
While there she went into a resale/art gallery 
and found something special for a friend. 
While road tripping she also stumbled upon a Goodwill 
and found some great stuff for camp.
(Make sure you scroll up and down to see 
how the stripes vibrate and look like they are lighting up.)
Mom also had an awesome hotdog topped with cheese and coleslaw 
served with chili and hot peppers on the side.
Mom was blessed by salt and light while visiting North Carolina. 
She enjoyed being around fellow faith walkers
and hanging out in the beautiful Winston-Salem area.  

In the historic village there was a pottery studio
 and a museum exhibit of ceramic works. 
While in North Carolina Mom heard about the Red Shoe Movement 
which is an organization that opens doors of opportunities for women.
Mom enjoyed spending time with my human sister. 
I heard they bonded over some guacamole, or something like that.
The weather down south was lovely - but up north the skies opened up
Thankfully it was only for a little while.
Mom captured some pretty signs of Spring bursting forth in 
Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina.
Here are a few signs Mom saw while traveling
that made her giggle:
Mission:Pic continues to be a place for Mom 
to see "sweet" things and share creatively. 
Even though I can't eat chocolate I can certainly appreciate 
the artistic excellence shown in these designer candies.
Mom also tried Turkish Delight for the first time and liked it. Pistachios!
 It's been a month of music and motion for Mom. 
She's enjoyed live music and spent over 24 hours driving
spread out across a week of travel on the road. 
She said she plans on making May a day of rest.
(I'll believe it when I see it.)
Self care is super important for us Top Dogs!
Be sure and get enough rest!
What adventures have you had this month?
What tunes have you heard?
Have you smelled any flowering trees?
Heard any birdsong?
What has caught your eye as you wandered?
Life is such a blessing. 
I hope you are able to PAWS and appreciate it!
Until next month-stay curious,
~ Magnus Pym
P.S. Here's some good suggestions.

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