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Dog Blogger
Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


"Oh come let us a-door him."
Mom and Dad brought home a huge wooden door this week. 
Supposedly it will be transformed into either a headboard or a table. 
Updates as they come in... 

"How much is that doggy in the window?"
(When Mom went in the store to see these fabulous dog shoes 
the sales clerk came back apologizing. 
They were sold out.
However,  she did bring Mom a different pair 
but with a CAT on them!
That's just wrong...

Mom has come across some quirky things lately.
I don't know if you have tasted or seen any of these items 
while you were out Christmas shopping:

(This is a purse.)

Mom bought herself a sparkly penguin shirt to wear 
to a performance of The Nutcracker in the city. 
(She knew a young lady who played the role of a soldier!
Check out this movie - it's free if you have Amazon Prime.)

A neighbor gave us these penguin shaped chocolates.
(Our family says THANK YOU - they were yummy!)

Watching Mom wrap gifts is hard. I want to taste everything...
(Paper bows taste funny.)

"He sees you when you're sleeping."

"He knows if you've been bad or good, 
so be good for goodness sake!"

I've been a (pretty) obedient dog this year so I am hoping Santa 
brings me some toys - I don't have enough.

(Vanna I'd like to buy a vowel.)

The best thing about Mom and Dad watching movies and TV shows is ...
I get belly rubs!

Here's Mom's monthly media mania.
Check out some of these movies and books.

One simple act you could do is adopt a pet 
from a shelter like Orphans of the Storm.
Although I was born in a barn and brought home a few days after Christmas
I am happy for these orphaned friends who found forever homes. 

When Mom went to the K-Love Christmas tour 
she got to meet Danny Gokey!

Mom has been focused on the power of CREATIVITY lately.

Here's some sparkly snowflakes someone was making 
and a poinsettia pin one of Mom's friends made. 
(Check out more at: My Beading Heart.) 


"Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh" 
(Or truck, or Holiday Train.)

Mom and her friend went to see the Holiday Train 
which was all decked out in lights. 
Some country western artists performed and 
there were snacks for those who brought a canned good for a food bank. 

"You know Dani and Maddie, and Cody and Ralph...
...but do you recall?"

Here's some photos of some of Mom's friends' dogs 
- and a video of Sky out in Colorado. 

Look closely at this dog very carefully...I think it probably had one of 
these Forget-Me-Not photo sessions before it was cast in iron.

What I'd like to know is why this dog 
got to go the annual tree lighting at the gazebo uptown and I did not?

I'd also like to know why my picture was being taken 
when clearly I wanted to come inside where it was warm. 
(I heard it had something to do with that photo app Mission:Pic...again!)

And what eggs-actly Mom thought she was doing 
leaving eggs on the stove and than dashing away... 
I'm just glad I survived the emergency.
Wow, did the house smell bad.
(And for the first time it wasn't my fault.)

Because she almost burned down the house Mom 
was given an egg cooker that automatically shuts off. 
I gotta tell ya, I was relieved.
(I do like eating egg whites!)

Mom is obviously getting forgetful in her old age.
But here are some things to remember:

I like hanging out by Mom's feet. 
Sometimes she helps me get a good grip of my bone.

And she wears the greatest socks.

"Deck the halls with boughs of holly..."

Did you send or get any Christmas cards?
I got one!

I think this dusting a few days ago 
was the closest we'll get to a
White Christmas.


Take a moment and PAWS to remember:

With warm yule time thoughts,
Magnus Pym

P.S. Here's a literary treat from one of Mom's poet friends:


  1. Love the "I am not your father, God us"
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. So nice! I wish you&Magnus a Very Merry Christmas ❤️��

  3. I always love his posts! Merry Christmas and the best for 2016! Renee.

  4. Merry Christmas Jen and Magnus!