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Dog Blogger
Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Monday, November 30, 2015

There's a time to laugh and a time to cry...

All the leaves have finally fallen off the trees 

and now we are trimming the house for Christmas!

I still can't believe I get to have a real tree in the house!

Winter is coming...
We've already had a big snowstorm. (But now the snow is gone. Boo hoo.)
Well, since Mom wasn't here for the snowstorm...

I tricked my dog sitter. 
Have you ever heard of the expression, "When the cat's away, the mouse will play?" 
Heh, heh, heh.  

Hey, what is that varmint doing on this blog? 
You are not Anon A. Mouse...
How did you sneak onto here???
Go get your own blog buddy!

Mom tells me she sees dog images everywhere. 
This stir stick holder greeted her at a coffee shop - as did Barbie and Ken. 

She saw this doggy wallpaper in a powder room. 
And the cracker dish in a thrift store. 

Here's photos of the doggies Mom came home smelling like recently. 


Not these. They are cold as ice. 

Mom was gone for over a week. 
She saw some pretty places but she was sad. 
She reminded me that there is a time to be joyful
and a time to mourn. 

Sometimes life is not fair.
Mom has found that listening to music through headphones 
really loudly while taking a walk outside helps her deal with her upsetting feelings. 
This album was therapeutic for her - check it out. 

We were able to get out into the Open Lands quite a bit before it got soggy out there. 

Mom went back to my birthplace homeland recently. 
She was able to go for a walk in nature with one of her good friends. 
Then later that day when she saw these quotes she sent 
them to that friend to let her know how much she treasures their friendship. 

Remember how I said I was hurt last month?
Well, I kept limping and wobbling and then when Mom found a tick 
on me she got really concerned and took me to the vet's to get tested for Lymes disease. 
For days I had been really lethargic - 
but ironically once I got to the doc's office I perked up!
They went ahead and ran blood test$ but basically 
what the doc decided was... I had pulled a muscle. 
Hey, at least I didn't have Lymes disease! Yea!
I heard the dog across the street got tested for Lymes too because of a limp
so at least I am not the only expensive pup on the block. 
Hey, we're worth it!

Our Thanksgiving was full of family, food (they dropped a lot!), 
board games and lounging about. 

Mom has been reading optimistic and inspirational books lately. 
Here's two good ones:


Here's a photo of Mom's friend's cat. 
Just because. 
Hey, my mom didn't attend this event.
Did you?


Did you see and hear the geese migrating?

Did you go see the Peanuts movie?
Mom did. 
She said Snoopy does a really good job in it.
He really brings his A game while dealing with the Red Baron.
Snoopy is one of my heroes.
Mom went online and Peanutized herself. Have you?

Dogs don't drink caffeine. 
Humans seem to be obsessed by it. 
Just sayin'.

Mom said she really liked the "streets of gold" that happened 
when the white snow was covered with golden leaves. 

Mom noticed this gorgeous sunburst on a city street in SUN Valley.
She doesn't think so.
Her friend calls moments like this God-sequences. 

Art work abounds all around.
You just have to be on alert to see it!

Life is full of tiny beauty like this "oil painting."
Are you noticing it?

November is known as the "gratitude" month.
Did you take time to count your blessings?
Do it now!

PAWS and remember all the tasty morsels you enjoyed this past month. 
My list is long and enjoyable!

~ Magnus Pym

P.S. For holiday gifts let me recommend some organic beauty products 
like lip balms and salves from 
(The biz is owned by one of Mom's cool friends.)


  1. How lovely photos and journals!!
    Love Magnus and your mom!!

  2. So adorable! you are just so creative <3

  3. So adorable! you are just so creative <3