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Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cold Shoulder

Have you ever gotten the cold shoulder 
because you acted differently than someone else? 
Did you ever give someone a cold shoulder in order to keep a boundary?
It can be a difficult situation and a "ruff" choice,
but choosing to be your own unique individual comes with that price.

However, if you in fact have a cold shoulder, 
I recommend curling up with a snuggly blanket, or two, or three, 
 or a zillion if you can find them.

What "wood" you do if someone wanted you 
to act in a way you don't want to?

Mom likes a saying she learned from her favorite pilot:

Sometimes you just gotta use it.
Mom tells me she's accountable to God - end of story. 


Anyway, Mom has been keeping a secret...
she has been taking a pottery wheel class!
She says it's hard, but very therapeutic. 
Check out this gorgeous studio where she goes. 

And although Mom says she focuses on process, not product, 
here's photos showing the makings of her first attempts:


Paintbrushes make me think of this: 
Check out this portrait of a dog that was posted on Mission: Pic by Craige13. 
Sawyer had her image rendered 
by an artist named Christine Savella. (

Here are some other dog pics Mom came across this month:

This is dog is named Cuba. He got the name because he looks like a cigar! 
He visits with my mom's friends when his owners need a break. 
(The parents of my girlfriend Mia who has gone to doggie heaven.)

This is Marco.
He has soulful eyes. 

Mom came back smelling like this guy...again. 
His name is Duncan.
How come HE gets a walk when it's below freezing?
Maybe I need to find a way to pay Mom to walk me...

Mom sure spends a lot of time with this noisy thing.
I am happy cuz the rubber band that turns the motor broke on it!
Time to shed, shed, shed.

And here's another M:P dog and one Mom saw in the city that she posted.

Mom came home smelling like yummy foods 
and these two pups: Quincy and Bailey.

Quincy even smiled for her!

And Mom saw this bird's nest in a sparkly tree outside their home.

That looks like Woodstock's nest.
Mom has some friends who love the Peanuts Gang who are her Pen Pals. 
Mom likes to send letters to wish people a Happy Birthday
or just to tell them she was thinking of them. 

Here's Mom's media mania for the month.

A book of inspirational quotes by the author of "Wild," 
a movie that recommended the book, "A Tale of Two Cities," and more.
Mom especially likes listening to books on CD 
and streamed online from the library.
She had read "Lift" before but she liked hearing it read aloud by the author.

R.I.P. David Bowie

Hats off to Dad who finally found a hat that makes him happy.

He and Mom went to two hat stores and saw
many caps for sale. (Caps for sale, fifty cents a cap!)

And Chicago hotdogs were consumed too. 
Mom says there's nothing like a street cart hotdog.

A really big event happened this month.
Dad PAINTED again!
Mom said it's been THIRTY YEARS 
since he picked up a paint brush for artistic reasons.
(Unlike the many times he did so for home improvement purposes.)

Check it out!!!
By George, he's still got it!

Speaking of artwork...
This enamel piece was brought home recently 
as was this 1985 Super Bowl Champs poster of Da Bears. 
(We have eclectic tastes here.)

My family also went to a museum and saw this dog carving:

Here's some city shots Mom took during January:

Plus Mom WON on Mission:Pic with one of her shots of the city!

The church has a mid-year rummage sale. 
Mom tried to buy this duck.
Thankfully it was sold already.
But she did see this awesome sign down in the Rummage Room:

More snow is surely a comin'!
Mom got this snowflake book down in the city at a 
hip bookstore my human sister took her to.

Winter is nowhere near over so try and stay warm y'all!
Snuggle up!

It's time to head into that month traditionally associated with  LOVE. 
Be sure and PAWS and tell your loved ones you love them.

Use words if necessary.
Treats work well too.
Just don't serve anyone an onion bagel with an onion inside 
that is topped with icing and sprinkles. 
No matter how tasty that may look, it can not be!
(Mom took this pic at the youth group's "Iron Chef" competition.)

How about this nice M for Magnus?
I do not understand why it wasn't purchased to hang over my food bowls.


I think these are WONDERful. 

~ Magnus Pym


  1. Delightful, as always! Thank you for including snow pictures. We don't have that kind of snow in NC and I miss it. Stay warm and I hope you get lots of head pats and tummy rubs!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! I have told Mom to follow your advice. I love belly rubs so much. I do the doggie paddle with my legs when I get them it feels so good!

  2. Hi Jen! LOVE all the pics! Great to hear from! ;-)