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Dog Blogger
Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Friday, July 31, 2015

This Month's Scoop

Mom is sooooo excited because I won on Mission: Pic ON HER BIRTHDAY! 
(The theme was posted on 7-25 but the contest ended on 7-27.)
I was snoozing on Mom's lap after she LEFT ME for A WEEK 
to go volunteer at her Y camp. 

She said she had fun but I missed her!!!

Mom was excited to see Graeter's Ice Cream opened a store near us!
Check it out - Chocolate Raspberry Chip is the fam's favorite, but I can't have chocolate...

Did you celebrate the Fourth of July in a special way?
A parade?

Have you been to any Farmer's Markets?

July has been HOT STUFF here. 
How about where you are?

The clouds have been amazing though!

Did you drive anywhere special this month?

Mom made another trip past the "Robot Army" wind machines.

She met this lil critter. 
Say hello to Annabelle.

What all have you been looking at lately?

Have you gotten any belly rubs?
So good...

Had any special treats?

Done anything puzzling?

Had any good naps?

Played with any new toys?

(They hide that ball in the basement when I get too rowdy...)

Mom said she's been as busy as a bee this month!

She even got to go to see the Banana Derby 
at the county fair. Monkeys race on dog's backs!

I hope you can find someplace where you can COOL off!

Whatever you choose to do with your time - have fun and...


PAWS and look up at the sky...
what do you see?

Blue skies or a cloudy day?
I hope you'll always look on the bright side of life!

~ Magnus Pym



  1. You made me laugh Magnus! Always a good day when that happens.

  2. Fun read....keep up the good work! ���� Dotts