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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Work It

 As a dog it's hard for me to understand a human's need to work for money. 
Food just appears in my bowl. I don't have to do anything to earn it. 
People take me on trips, I don't have to pay for them.

Recently my human brother became part of the work force. 
He left in an airport taxi and sent Mom this picture of city lights and Face Timed some.
He was gone for two weeks working 9-5!

It was a difficult time for me.
I basically lizarded around and licked the furniture I was so stressed out. 

My human mom used to work in this big mansion. 
She tossed meals onto tables for conferences.
My oldest human sister scooped gelato for hours and hours at the "maul" recently 
and my other human sister works at a dentist's office. 

They tell me they work so they are able to be able to buy cool things 
like surprise balls and yummy food like A&W olive burgers and chili cheese dogs!

 Or attend events in the city like this literary-based one:

Mom took part in a jumbo version of the Jumble. 
(The letter scramble game in the newspaper.)
It looked like dogs were allowed at this festival.

While Max was gone my human mom took off too! 
She left to volunteer for a church youth group work trip 
and then went to see her parents in order to celebrate her mom's 80th birthday. 

She was gone for TWO weeks too!
I was not happy.
I had to bring out all my chewing toys to de-stress.

While on the work trip Mom did some paint scraping and cleaning up, 
but she was also in charge of the thank you notes kids 
wrote to the folks who donated money for the work trip. 
She loves writing letters so that was a perfect job for her.
Choosing interesting stamps is one of her favorite parts. 

(She told me one of the days she "had" to eat strawberry pie at Big Boy's.)

Isn't this a cool place? 
Mom said she wonders what it would have been like to work here a few decades ago.

Mom doesn't make money very often. 
One of the jobs she does the most is wash dishes.
She saw this sink while she was gone.
Talk about a sink with a view!

Mom saw this while she was traveling.
Don't see something like that everyday...

I was very glad to have Mommy home again.

But, pretty much right after Mom got home 
she LEFT on another

to attend a wedding!

While there she saw her friend "work it" 
at a Farmer's Market selling her delicious biscuits. 

Mom saw this cool dog at an arts festival.

She bought a GIANT mug from a ceramic potter. 
(A very cool job!)

Mom likes it because she can put lots and lots of cream in the mug. 

She went garage sale and thrifting with some friends too. 

And took a walk with another friend in a quiet, solemn place.

One friend reminded Mom to: 

Do you ever daydream about having a different job?
It would be a cool job to drive this taxi or work at Disneyland.

Mom takes photos of dogs she sees and has her friends send her photos. 
Here's this month's gallery of guest doggies:

This one came to our backdoor and Mom drove him home.

Say hello to LuLu and Stanley:

This SILVER sculpture is amazing.
It looks like Gibbs' new sister Dani!

 This dog has a fancy set of wheels to ride in!

When Mom did finally get home I helped her with the laundry.
(We did stop to play tug.)

No matter how big of a work load you are carrying,
make sure you still get outside to feel the wind in your hair. (Fur.)

Take time to play, notice the flowers and relax!

Get some GOOD-A cheese (get it?), serve it on an attractive platter, 
and go to an outdoor concert for a picnic!

Even though you have to "work it" sure you take time to rest!
Cool off your feet in a stream:

It sure did rain a lot this month.

I like the taste of cold raindrops on our back deck.

I have to confess..
I had a melt down and destroyed my wading pool.

It was fun.

 I really knew how to "work it, work it good."

I am sure you've heard the expression, "Life is a bowl of cherries."

Well, it can be, if you "work it" the right way! 
For example,
I am glad you STOPPED working for a minute to read this blog!
PAWs and think about how you can adjust your work life to allow for more play time.

Keep smiling,
~  Magnus Pym

P.S. Happy "39th" birthday to my human dad.


  1. Magnus, you are so right! Work is no fun if you don't have something fun to look forward to afterward! :)

  2. I'm glad I "pawsed" to read this blog! Food for thought!! :-) well done Magnus!!

    -Nancy Pratt