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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Howling Praises

Mom continues to be on a mission on the App Mission: Pic.

Which means I continue to be a rock star online.
Here's some of her entries featuring yours truly.

I am also happy to report that Mom WON the competition 
TWICE since my last blog posting!
Both photos pretty much "define" her:
She's an academic who loves writing and an OLD photographer. 
Let me give you a big wet kiss Mom! I love you!
(Both pics were inspired by the rummage sorting Mom did 
at church so that makes them extra special.) 


My puppy chest is swelling with pride for her!
But unfortunately so have my legs - with welts!
Mom had to shove an allergy pill down my throat. 
(Which I didn't like one bit.)
We think I had a reaction to the cut grass.
(I like rolling in it.)

After two pills the welts have gone away!
Updates as they come in...

It was warm here for a few days so 
I got to go swimming at my "Lake House"
as my human brother calls it.
This is what I call my slimy smile.

I do love the feel of mud between my toes!
(The pic below has been on the blog before - 
but Mom used it for a M:P mission and it got into the Top Ten!)

Mom went down to the beach the other day.
(I guess she didn't take me because it was too cold.) 
She said she enjoyed dipping her toes in the water 
because the chilly water and was good for icing her injured foot.

She's also been "having a ball" volunteering for the church youth group. 
Mom said she offered to blow up this giant beachball on "Water Games" night.
(She does have a lot of hot air.
I wish I could sink my teeth into that ball!)

I also overheard that Mom is going to be gone again! 
She'll be going on a work trip with the youth group.
(Why can't I go too Mom???? I can help you paint and reroof houses!)


Mom has been quite social on Mission: Pic and has made friends with some dog lovers.
Say hello to Nemo and his guinea pig buddy Austin. 
They're REAL winners in my book.

Mom has been what I call "cheating on me" with other dogs...
She came home smelling like pug the other day.
Here's some pics she took of my buddy Gibbs. 
(That's pretty silly how he's eating a mini Beanie Baby of a pug!)
And that's Chuck in the background.
I hear he's got some social media going too.

Here's a link to see photos of dogs taken by a friend Mom made on M:P: Dog Portfolio.
The music on her You Tube slideshows are fun!
Cyberdogs rule! 
(And drool.) 

Gibbs got to go to a church fair. 
I guess this mama sheep thought he was a baaaaaa-d boy cuz Mom said
she herded her baby lamb away from Gibbs pronto!

Guess Mom has also taken to hanging out with some shadowy characters. 

Here's some pics friends have sent her.
(I don't wanna hear any more complaints about my hair shedding!)

This little guy is coming home soon to one of Mom's friend's homes.
I am looking forward to smelling her on Mom's clothes. 

Check out this set of wheels Mom found at "Curbs R Us." 

Nice detailing, don't ya think?
"Spot" on!
(She took it over to a local firefighter's house.)

Excuse me while I PAWS for a glowing moment.

Thank you.

Now for this month's movie recommendations:

Cheater alert: Mom may have watched the movie "Fed Up" 
but she's a big hypocrite because not only does she buy sugary drinks, 
she torments me by showing me folded potato chips 
(her favorite) and then eating them!
She says she really likes the words Coca Cola has been printing on their Coke cans.
Here's one she identifies with since she's done 
3 LLS/Team in Training campaigns (Go Team!) and been to India twice.
(Also, she was pretty blown away by the ending of Mad Men. What did you think?)

Just remember:

Such as when Mom left the gate off the garbage and 
I scored multiple paper towels that were soaked in bacon grease. 
So good.

HEY, how did this cat get on the blog?
I'd like to talk to someone at e-blogger.
We have a troller!

It's okay.

I told you I do not feel stressed!

It's been raining a lot here.
Check out this pic of a storm front coming in over the lake!

All the rain helped these poppies bloom.
And these mushrooms.

AND, made these DOUBLE RAINBOWS that Mom pulled over to snap a photo of:

When it's not raining my humans and I have been hanging out on the back porch. 
Hummingbirds zip back and forth between our two feeders.
Mom caught this shot of a ruby throated one!
Did you know their feathers are actually not red?
Look it up!
(We did.)
That's just a reflection causing that glow!
Some people say they just miss seeing hummingbirds - 
the little guys are just too fast for them.
Go figure.

The other thing the stormy weather does is cause limbs to fall into the yard. 
 Here's an adaptation of a famous quote:
"Growl softly and carry a big stick; you will go far."  ~ Barkly Roosevelt.

After a long day of stick chewing etc...
 I just wanna snuggle up for a bedtime story.
Don't you?

Butt (pun intended) some nights it's really hard to wait for my humans to get home 
from whatever it is they do out there in the scary dark.

But its always worth the wait!

PAWS and think, "What do you have to howl about?"
Look up the moon tonight and give out a howl!
(Disclaimer: this is metaphorical for bulldogs, we don't howl - we lick.)

~ Magnus Pym

P.S. Congrats to "Twisted Measure", an a cappella group 
from Elon University where my human sister goes to college. 
They really know how to howl out a tune! 
Here's a link to their version of Sia’s “Chandelier” 
which has gone viral on the web with 2+ million hits as of this posting.

P.P.S. Just got in the Top Ten with this pic!

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