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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Chillin' with my Peeps.

I've been chillin with some new cyber peeps.
I found them on that App I told y'all about last month:
There's tons of dog lovers there 
(and some cat people...) 
plus some artsy folks for Mom to bond with 
and lots and lots of shutterbugs like her 
that love to dig into their photo streams and imaginations 
to find a pic that ties into the day's theme. 
(It's Mom's new obsession.)
 I am glad I could help her rise to the top 
and make it on the Top Ten roll of photos one day!
It was my calling...the theme was Comfortable. 
It was a no brainer.  
(But, The Force was also with her the day 
some stormtroopers typed her into
 the Office Supply Top Ten.)

Here's a pyramid of screenshots showing how Mom 
has been chillin' with her M:P peeps...

Notice the profile name: Alphawolf - one of my peeps fur sur.

Speakin' of pyramids - Mom and her peeps were chillin'
playin' Minute to Win It games at the neighbors' the other night.
(No dogs were allowed...)

She was also out really late chillin' with her peeps at a Bible Tour concert.

She was prayin' and chillin' (for real) with lots of peeps at the beach Easter service.

FYI: This is not the kind of chillin' I wanna be doin' - especially in April!
And look at this puppy chillin'. 
That's not the right kind of chillin'!!!!
Poor thing.
(One of Mom's friends sent us this pic.)

Mom escaped from the chillin' weather here 
and met a nice ole' southern gentleman dog named Scotty.
His parents hosted her for a few nights. 
She said she really, really enjoyed her time with them 
and is very grateful for their hospitality.
(If you have never played Dutch Blitz - check it out!
Chillin' with your peeps playin' cards is lots of fun!)

The reason Mom went down south was to spend time hangin' out 
with my human sista who is down there learnin'.

They enjoyed doin' some mother daughter bondin' at an antique mall and...

Like Mom said, playin' with toys with your peeps is a fun way to be chillin'!

Tellin' jokes to your peeps is a silly way to be chillin'!

What would happen if all Americans drove pink cars?

We'd live in a pink car nation.
Get it????

Chillin' out meditatin' with your peeps is a great way to get chill...
(Not that Mom would know, she can't sit still for a second.)
Me, I could do it for hours!

Travelin' with your peeps, vicariously, or for real, 
is an eye openin' way to be chillin'.
Mom has always wanted to see the Holy Lands, 
but she says Rick Steve's DVD was awesome too. 

Look closely, that's not a baby in that stroller...
Doin' charity walks with your peeps is a nice way to be chillin' and givin'!

Mom takes these lil' tokens with her everywhere.
It's her way of chillin' with her peeps 
even though they aren't able to be together in person.

Paintin' a mural with your peeps 
would be an awesome way to be chillin'!

Just chillin' with your peeps at the store (tarjay) is nice.

 Mom says chillin' with her peeps thriftin' is one of her favorite past times. 

But she was even willin' to go to the MAUL (mall) with one of her buddies this last trip.
She said chillin' with your peeps while they are shoppin' 
for fashionable clothin' is fun when you know what to look for! 

Mom says chillin' with her peeps at restaurants eatin'
is one of her favorite things to do!
Especially if there's live musicians playin'
and the food is locally amazin' like Southern BBQ!

Chillin' with peeps walkin' is nice.
Especially since flowers are now bloomin'!

Chillin' with your peeps can be as simple 
as grabbin' a cup of java or tea together and talkin'.

I like chillin' with a toy, under a table, while Face Timin' with peeps!

(Disclaimer, this blog, and this book only document
a few of the ways dogs can be chillin' with their peeps.)

These guys know how to keep on truckin' while chillin' with their peeps!
(This pic was sent to Mom by her mom.)

 The white IKEA couch is nice now that I finally am allowed chillin' there with my peeps!

 But check out this orange couch Mom saw at IKEA - I am so wantin' it!


Always be prepared though, cuz chillin' with your peeps 
may require par-tay accessories - even while runnin'!

Chillin' with your peeps while playin' a game is a token way to spend time.
Maybe you will be able to IRON out some misunderstandins.
(I get to be the Scottie dog!)

This needs repeatin'
peeps like chillin' while eatin' yummy food!
Folks are always gobblin' up Mom's deviled eggs!

Need salt or pepper?
Let me help.

Peeps like chillin' together at the corner ice cream shop.
True, it is nicer when it's WARMER!
(Mom says she misses goin' to Baskin Robbins 32 Flavors 
on Sunday nights with her family for
"Jamoca Almond Fudge on a sugar cone please," 
walks around Market Square.)

There's gonna be a lot of chillin' with peeps at this musical place really soon. 
Mom is really excited cuz Dad gets FREE tixs to 3 concerts!
(How come dogs aren't allowed?!)

Mom even says chillin' out while washin' dishes is more fun 
- now that she has these gloves!
(It's the one gig she doesn't like being with her peeps during. It's her meditatin' time!)

Nice weather is comin'!
I hope you will be able to be chillin' with some peeps doin' things you love to do!

PAWS and think about inexpensive ways you are able to enjoy time with others.
Now go do one of them!
~ Magnus Pym

Hey, how did that disturbing sign get on this blog?
That is so not true.

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  1. GEEZ Magnus your mom is a mover and a shaker!! I can't keep up!!! tell her we must chat about that Holy Land CD. I am intrigueddddd