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Friday, March 27, 2015

International Connections

Here are a few photos of Mom's trip to India. 
She is in the very middle in brown.
She played a wind up game with about 100 children. 
She said everyone joined hands
 and sang a song while twirling into a pinwheel.
Then they uncurled back into a circle. 
Sounds complicated.
Sleeping on a couch (a white forbidden one) is so much easier.
That's what I did while Mom was gone.
She washed the cushion covers when she got home. 
She said they looked taupe.

Mom befriended some dogs in Siliguri, but she wasn't allowed to touch them.
That had to be hard when this little puppy was blocking the door!
Mom said the dogs were cute snuggling.
(I want a dog friend for wrestling!)

Here's a photo of the daddy dog getting in the fire pit of garbage. 
I guess it's okay to do that in India.
Maybe I'll move there!

These dogs also got to play in the middle of a road - around big machines!
(It must have been pretty exciting watching a road be built!)

Mom got to see the Taj Mahal!

(See the pooch taking a snooze there in the courtyard of the place?) 
The embroidered flowers shown below are part of a bedspread here at the house 
and the photo of a jeweled rock wall is part of the Taj!
They sure look similar!
(Well, the wall doesn't have any dog hair on it.)

I guess they really like dogs in Switzerland.
(Mom took these photos in the airport there.)

This tee shirt is funny!
I have a wide mouth like that!

National connections:

Before leaving Mom bought a bank that looks like me. 

Mom got to go hear Tenth Avenue North and Chris Tomlin in concert.
She said it was awesome!
In India she and one of the Home Girls realized they both like the song, "Indescribable."
She has a video of them singing it. 
I am not posting it because Chris Tomlin sings it way better.
(I would like to chew on those drum sticks!)

When Mom and I went for a walk one of the neighbors threw me a filled water bottle. 
I don't know why Mom won't let me bring this toy inside.
I am sure it won't leak!

Mom went to the Art Institute to see the Ireland exhibit. 
She was upset because this portrait of a literary society doesn't show any females.
(Hey, I don't see any dogs in there either.)

Regardless of the naughty word in the title, I bet this is a good book:

Are you dressing up for Easter Sunday?


Some of you may remember The Amtrekker, Brett. 
He's part of a team that has created a cool new App
that has a daily creative photo taking competition. 
It's called:
Download it!
Here's my mom's first entry:

Mind you, this is a photo of the second sock monkey headphone set.
(I ate the first one!)

PAWS and think, "How have I shared my gifts of creativity lately?"

(I've been making patterns when I drool water on the floor. 
I like to make connect the dots patterns for Mom.)

~ Magnus Pym 


  1. Love the photos this month! So will you be dressing up for Easter Magnus?!

  2. Sooo fun!! Love the Swiss tshirts!! Maybe that's the Swiss in me who loves big dogs! The Irish exhibit looked cool too. Intersting tidbits of India

  3. Magnus, I think you'd look handsome with spectacles like the poet dog is wearing! Thanks for the interesting tour this month!