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Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


This video shows a kid following 
behind a van on a sled!
When it was going past of our house I barked a lot!
It made me nervous!

My human mom says she did this kind of thing as a kid - wearing boots 
and hanging onto a VW Bug bumper as it drove down a hill. 
She calls it "skitching."
Did you ever do that?

The snow has been super deep here. 
I like to lead when we go in the Open Lands,
but I follow behind really slowly 
once I know we are headed home. 
I don't want our walks to end! 

Sometimes I even get to walk off leash.
(Well, without a human holding it...)

It's fun when I see a friend!

Some friends live too far away to hang out with.
It's nice when they send me photos of themselves in the snow.

I guess snow can be a hassle for humans. 
(This is my human aunt using a snow blower. Looks cold!)


Some folks actually take the time to load snow up and drive it somewhere else!

My mom likes to play with snow!

This dog likes to SLEEP in the snow!

Not me!
I like a nice warm house for my naps.

Hey, that's not me! 
Very funny Mommy!
Here I am! My spots are way different and I am not pink. Geez.

Walking in the snow wears me out!
And I drool a lot after being in the cold weather.
Mom is not a fan of the tiny drop markings I make. 

It's finally February and my mom has been waiting for nine months... go back to INDIA!
She has been training and fundraising and today she will be leaving me again.
(She bought this madras fabric last time.)

She says she's going there to shine love and light in dark places, 

play with kids, talk with teachers, and bring some frisbees to give away.
(My human brother made sure she is bringing 
the best kind of disc since he plays Ultimate Frisbee.)
Check out this movie showing about how Ultimate has become very popular there!
Click below:

And check out this site about Camp Up
where Ultimate Peace is being found in Israel
and the documentary film made about the camp.

(Get it? My friend is UP on the table.)

One of my buddies had his fourth birthday!

Looking at his cake makes me hungry.

Can you relate?

Of course you can.

This puppy was lost and a human friend of my mom's helped her get back home.

Isn't that nice?
Speaking of being sweet, did anyone get any Valentines?

Heard any good music lately?
Gone to any concerts?

Gone anywhere special?

What's going on with you?
Are you somewhere warm or do you have icicles outside your window too?

Have you been drinking warm tea?

Cooking up something to warm the heart?

There was a "going away" Valentine's Day party here and an Oscar Party!
(Sadly hardly any food was dropped on the floor at either gathering!)

I tried to help Mom pack for her trip.
I recommended a book and a movie to take and suggested some comfy clothes.
I can only hope she'll follow my advice.

Mom says she isn't afraid to travel - 
even to places where a different language is spoken 
or life is harder.
She says she's following Someone who leads her safely.

PAWS and think of a time when following a nudge ended up being a blessing.
Did you get to do that special adventure twice?

Mom is really excited she felt called to return to India!
I just wish I could go with her!

Until next month,

~  Magnus Pym


  1. Loved this Jen!!! One of your bests!! Happy trails!!

  2. Magnus, I'm so glad you have been having some special adventures and that you helped your mom get ready for hers! Thanks for the reminder that we should follow those nudges to see where they take us. :)

  3. Magnus, you brought tears to my eyes and a chuckle to my heart! If you get lonely while Mom is away, come on by and hang out with Emma and Teddy.

  4. How fun! Really enjoyed your stories and pics. Will be back to see what you've been up to.