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Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

In the Lead

I have a new way of leading my humans.
(Mom says it helps prevent thyroid injuries.)


Sunsets reflect beautifully off of snow.

 Some dogs were actually created for colder conditions.

I just wish my humans would dress appropriately for winter conditions.

Best of all, colder weather lends for more pillow talk time,

and more snuggling and playing!

But does anyone else miss having more time in the car? 
Mom avoids driving when it's slick.

She also gets "floored" by the amount of grime that gets into the house during the winter.

(Why don't folks wipe their paws?)

Cold weather brings folks inside with more time to read. 

(Who in the would want to read this silly book?)

Books on CD continue to be a passion for Mom.

And Mom likes helping others.
How have you helped someone recently?
It'll make you feel better, "Scout's Honor!"

Look at this awesome service dog Mom saw at the hospital. 

We begin the month of LOVE tomorrow. 
Here are some ways you could show your affection:

Valentine's are a must!

Maybe cook someone a treat or buy them something sweet.

You could give a loved one flowers or a balloon,

take them out for a special meal,

...or take them bowling!

You could put some tunes on the turntable and eat some chocolate.

There are lots of ways to make your loved one's heart smile!

No money?
Then just
look up,
at the beauty around you!

You'll figure it out!

~ Magnus Pym

P.S. Mom says there's a SUPER special football game on tomorrow. 
But Dad says his team has already won their championship!

We got 19.3 inches of snow in 24 hours.
It was the 4th largest snowfall in Chicago's history!

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  1. Magnus, I love your lesson for this month! I hope February brings lots of love your way, too!