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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Seasonal Discoveries

This was my fifth Christmas season 
so I've decided to document some of my discoveries:

Snoopy kicks off the holiday season with his showing 
at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

Advent calendars start on December 1rst.
This year Mom was sent a 
Jacquie Lawson Gifts online Advent Calendar.

Here's a tree shaped selection of the holiday graphics Mom
designed using the website's Christmas Market themed activities.

Stern warnings from Santa remind us all to behave our best.

December was a long month of temptation for me though...

...and I know I wasn't alone in indulging in some guilty pleasures.
(But I won't name names.)

A lot of the things humans call "decorations" 
are made of some of dogs' favorite flavors like paper, rubber, and wood 
so they really shouldn't be surprised if we want to "check them out."

And some of their festive foods look like toy balls!
It can be so confusing for a dog.

I have noticed wreaths go on doors and lawn decorations come out.

I think these outside adornments are dog-gone attractive!

Letters get sent to Santa early in the month 
so he has time to get what's on everyone's lists.

 Gift purchasing gets ramped up. 
(May I recommend the following?)


(Not the red clogs 
on the far right!)

I sure liked what Santa brought me!

While out shopping it's always good to stop and get a snack if you get grumpy.

Folks make sure they have the proper napkins for holiday parties. 


Christmas greetings arrive.
(Here are two of my favorites.)

People become more charitable.
(Thankfully my humans did NOT adopt "Sassy." Phew...)

It becomes dark earlier and the sun rarely shows itself. 
(I hope you were able to enjoy the brief showings of the sun.)

Because it was hiding for weeks!

Following that train of thought...

I am glad to have a second snuggly blanket.
(And invitations onto the IKEA couch by visiting relatives.)

I am also grateful that when Mom and Dad held a caroling party 
(I could smell it when I returned) 
they let me go to a dog loving home where I got a ball to chew on!

And, when Dad got a rug for under the pool table I was still allowed under there!

Those are my December notations.
What are yours?
PAWS for a moment and look back over your past month.
How did you celebrate the season?

Happy New Year to you all!

(Thanks for reading my musings!)

~ Magnus Pym

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  1. Magnus, I am happy to hear that you found some cozy places this month for hanging out and observing and enjoying life! Merry Christmas to you!