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Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


There are a lot less trees around the block.
This kind of change totally stumps me 
but I guess I just have to accept 
the fact that sawdust happens.

I am glad to see the extra signage that was around town is gone. 
That stuff was confusing.
Especially this one.
Yes for what?

My human grandfather turned 80 this month and I turned 5!
I got a floppy frisbee - but no one plays with me enough.

(Here's photos of the frisbee on November 6th vs. November 19!)

  My human brother used a phone camera to film 
when Mom gave the toy to me
but he had the setting on Time Lapse so it's crazy fast.

This video shows me with my new toy much better.

Mom found some good advice at Trader Joe's:

And she met a dog named Toby who for sure rules her roost.
Check out this proclamation 
and the swag Toby has had made in her honor!

The leaves are almost done falling
and I hope my MOM is done falling too.
(She kissed the sidewalk a few days ago and hurt her hands.)
Check out this clip of swirling leaves -  fascinating!

Mom's monthly thrift store sightings:

Mom has been volunteering with a high school youth group on Sunday nights. 
She got to go with them to a castle for a retreat. 
Mom said she did the Tarzan call when she went zip lining. 
(She let the teens enjoy the ropes course - which does look scary!)
Mom also flew a kite and there were s'mores made at a campfire. It all sounded fun!

Mom has been getting lots of mail with fundraising checks for her India Missions Team. 
(Thank you!!!)

Sometimes I try to see the mail too, but Mom gets mad when I do.

November is known as the gratitude month.
Look what was handed out at church - a Grati-tooter!

Guideposts had an article about some sites you need to check out - DAILY!

 Answer a trivia question - right or wrong - at each site and 10 pieces of kibble 
is donated to Animal Shelters to help feed hungry dogs and cats. 

Media moments Mom has shared with me this month:

I bet some Thanksgiving goodies will go in these:

Due to a feeding error with a measuring cup
I got a bit roly poly this month.
My family better not drop too much on the floor at Thanksgiving
 if they want me to be a healthy hound.

PAWS a moment and think of a loved one who has died.
THANKS for GIVING me your love Mia.


~ Magnus Pym

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  1. I'm so sorry that you have lost a good friend, Magnus. Goodbyes are difficult; that's for sure. But good buys and good books make life much easier! I'm glad you and your Mom have been having fun!