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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hollow - weeny

Dad has been watching a scary show
called Sleepy Hollow.
I don't like it.
End of topic.

I am a taco this year for trick-or-treat.

This license plate seems appropriate for the season.
(It's funny what people pay money for to individualize their car.)

Mom read/sang me a classic bedtime story.
Click on the movie to hear
"It's Halloween" by Jack Prelutsky.
My human sister and brother both used it to learn how to read.
I wonder if it will work for me.

Mom bought 750 pieces of candy for the trick-or-treaters.
She hopes it's enough!
I wish I could eat candy!

The colors of the leaves are really pretty around town.

Mom took a drive on Sheridan Road and made a time-lapse video.
Check it out!

I like crunching through the leaves 
but I need to be careful around one section of this fence.

When I walk uptown I like to get a drink:

I have a new walk routine.
I like to go down the SLIDE at the park!
Check it out:

When the leaves turn brown and fall down
~ WOW ~
do they take a long time to rake!

We found this gas light around the corner from our house.
Does anyone else think the sign inside it looks like it was made in the '70s?
Does anyone else think this photo in black and white makes it look creepy?

It's near this address sign. 
I like these people's taste in design.

Speaking of creepy...
How about this black and white shot for an Alfred Hitchcock moment???
This is a tree in my backyard around 7:30 a.m. recently.
They were calling to each other so loud it sounded like a machine!

Watch the video of when all the BIRDS flew away!

Did any of you howl at the full moon we had a few days ago?
I bet this guy did.
(That's my backyard too...)

Have you gotten to a farm to buy fall decorations yet?

Has anyone else seen these at IKEA?
I think every baby needs one!

I got to go to the dog park with some buddies. 
Check out the cloud rainbow!

Mom met this puppy when she was on a walk the other day.

Ends up it was born at this Alpaca farm
- which is about 300 miles away -
and where Mom and Dad just went this past weekend!
Ya gotta love the dog hanging out where it says no dogs are allowed.

Mom bought this bank. 
She's saving her change for her next trip to India.
If you don't know about it yet - ask her!

I like this quote.
It's funny.

Here's some good books:

What on earth is this thing?

I like to be on my human brother's lap on the IKEA couch 
when the TV is showing scary images.
No, I am not allowed up there.
And your point is?

Remember to PAWS and think before you dive into that leftover candy!
Drop me a line sometime. 
I like reading email.

~ Magnus Pym

P.S.  Has any of this stuff shown up at your home yet?
Mom decided to start wrapping presents 
and I protected her from this weapon.



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  1. Magnus, you lead a picture book life! I love hearing your observations as you slide from one adventure to the next!