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Dog Blogger
Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

When the cat's away...

What cat? 
Oh, yeah, I forgot, that's an expression.

Well then, yes, while Mom and Dad took my human sister to college 
my human brother and I had a par-tay!

And I got some quality butt scratching from the dog sitter
when my bro and his buddies were out thrown' the disc.

Which is controversy because as you can see dogs are 
allowed at Ultimate Frisbee tournaments...

My brother's team is really good by the way!

And the swag at these gigs is cool.
Check out the solar boom box.

As shown below dogs were also allowed at my sister's college convocation.
Hey fam, I am feeling a bit left out.

Anyways, I heard Mom got stung by a yellow jacket there
and spent the ceremony with an ice pack on her leg. 
I would say it served her right for leaving me,
but since my paw was stung recently too 
I wouldn't wish the feeling on anyone!

Still, I feel the need to unpack a few of thoughts 
about some separation anxiety I am experiencing. 

I miss my snuggle buddy sister!

Mom sends her snail mail greetings on "Miss You Mondays"
using cutesy cards and sassy stamps.

She lets me lick the envelopes. (Just kidding.)

But seriously, it's just not the same, 
I miss my daily PAWS on the couch with my sis.

I know, there's Face Time but it is so confusing.
My sister seems to be trapped in my Mom's phone! 
And she keeps making weird sounds like, "Meep." 
Plus I get followed around like I am under surveillance.
It's all very disturbing.

Needless to say, all these trials have caused me to experience some pent up anger.

 Two plastic watering cans fell prey to my aggression.
Thankfully Mom saw a metal watering can on display 
outside of Forest and Found that she bought as a replacement.

For my penitence Mom is posting this mermaid photo of me.

The other day a tiny person came here and left this toy. 
(I almost got to chew it up.)

I did find an appropriate therapeutic release.
You've all heard the expression "Carry a big stick,"
so why can't I bring this one in the house?

Another anxiety inducing moment occurred at the vet's.
The electricity got knocked out by a storm
which made for a perfect excuse to leave.
But no, I still had to get my 
nails trimmed by flashlight!

Now here's a "sticky" subject: bumper stickers.
Too much?

Here are some stickers I feel are way more worthy:

Mom showed me these photos of a puppy she met.
Although at first she appears sweet - she's obviously no angel!
(I just hope I get to meet her some day.
I love a good wrestling.)

Mom continues to find outstanding attire and literary selections:

And for all you Lion King fans,  
here's a fun shirt!
Hakuna Matata!

(Hey, no more cat skat, nobody cares.)

Dogs rule!

Mom says books on CD are great when she's driving - 
but since she doesn't let me ride in her swanky car I wouldn't know.
Boo hoo. 

But, truth be told Mom and my brother have been spending a lot of time watching Netflix.
Something about lights on a Friday night and a sci fi show with a ship called Serenity.

The good thing is I've been able to get in some quality IKEA couch time. 

I hope you are taking time to PAWS and notice the colored leaves!
One of Mom's friends even went on one of these lifts to see the fall colors!

I've made sure my tick medicine is put on monthly.
We have been taking walks out in the open lands
where the grasses are turning rust.
How are you enjoying this purrfect fall weather?
(Mom! Enough with the cat puns, this is a dog blog!)

Yours as dependably as my hair drops on the carpets of my life,

~ Magnus Pym

P.S. I am hot stuff.

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  1. Magnus, I admire you for always making the best of life and finding something to appreciate in every day! :)