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Monday, August 31, 2015

Dependent Upon Each Other

My human parents have been married for THIRTY YEARS!
That's a looooooooooooooong time.
In dog years I am 35, almost 42, 
but that's a lot of REAL years to be together!

It's nice to be able to depend on someone else. 
My human mom bought this Dog is Good hoodie while she was on vacation in the OBX.
She's crazy about it.
It's true, she is quite attached to me!
I can understand her joy.

She said the sweatshirt cost a pretty penny, but that it was worth every cent.
Again, I totally get it.

Here's some items she saw while she was traveling that she didn't buy, 
which confuses me since Snoopy is a icon (and one of my idols). 

While Mom and Dad were gone I got to play with my new toy 
and hang out with the amazing dog sitter who gave it to me. 
(She's pretty sweet on me too.)

Unfortunately she asked my mom how we measure my food 
in regards to making sure I don't get overweight.
So then Mom went and read the information on the bag 
of food and now my rations are measured more carefully.

Another thing Mom did was tell the sitter 
I needed ear drops for an infection,
nose cream and 
salve for a boo boo.
And on top of all that Mom destroyed my blankies in the washer 
so I had to settle for a towel on my bed. 

Plus, the sitter posted an abusive photo and text about me on Mission:Pic!

It's been a rough month.

Look closely at these dogs below...

...not only are they pricey - they are SOAPS!
As in, if you use them they will disappear.
That's ridiculous.
Mom may be dog codependent, but she's not crazy enough to use one of those!

Speaking of cleaning up, I strolled into the shower the other day 
and Mom thought it was funny to close the door behind me.
Ummmm, no.

Then I went and hid in Dad's side of the closet,
but she found me.

Sometimes the only one who understands me is my
bulldog statue buddy. I can tell him anything.

So I guess Mom saw some cool things and some dogs 
while she was in the OBX.
Here's a display:

(See the heart shape spot? This dog is named Cupid because of it!)

(Hey, I attack Ninjas!) 
"Hi, ya!"

While Mom was away my human sister sent her this photo.
I'll allow the cat photo since the mug caption and tea tag are nice.

I prefer these mugs:

This was for sale at a gas station.

Just stay back when I shake!

Mom and Dad also went to a carnival and rode the Ferris wheel. 
(No thanks.)

And they went to a fire station open house.
Fire fighters are B-R-A-V-E!
(I'm so glad I'm not a Dalmatian.)

Fall is coming.

Which means my human sister left me hoo. 

(I've been doing some aggression chewing due to my loneliness.)

Which is why I am especially glad my human brother is here to play with me!

Thanks for listening to me and hanging out with me here on the blog.


This month PAWS and ponder what you've done right recently.
Don't have a CLUE? 
Ask a friend - they'll be able to tell you!

Glad to still be in the game,

~ Magnus Pym

You will be missed Mr. Wilson!
You were loved!!!

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  1. Magnus, I am so happy you have a fun new toy that you can show me when I come visit! Your mom's new hoodie is cool, too!