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Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What the Hail?

Finally the snow melted and daffodils bloomed...
but on April 12th pellets of ice flew down from the sky!
What the hail?????
(There was no way I was going out there!)

I am "hoppy" to report the Easter bunny brought me a new toy!

I like it!

Mom is looking for an 8 track tape player so she can listen to this tape. 
If you have one she can use/buy please let her know.
Sure looks like a good album!

Mom went traveling again this month and saw a lot of dogs:
Here's Duncan from Ohio.
I like his wavy ears.

Here's another photo of my girlfriend Mia with a mini me Mom brought her.

Sometimes Mom even takes photos of random dogs she sees:

Here's another beach dog but this one was at the Easter sunrise service:

Is it just me, or does this dog seem a bit stiff?

Mom went all the way to Kansas to meet Aspen and Maggie:

Mia and Daisy are from an art gallery in Topeka 
where the owner makes dog face glass pendants!

An English bulldog was featured on the website where my human brother goes to college.
 (Mom will be taking photos of dogs in NC when she takes my human sister to college.)

When Mom goes back to Phantom Lake this summer 
she hopes to use this PAWSitively awesome megaphone her friend donated to camp.

Mom continues to dog-ument amazing amounts of canine clothing and collectibles.

This one looks like my friend Gibbs!                        These guys are saying, "Let us out!"

 Mom saw this sign while out driving.
Personally I think it looks scary.

If you are going thrifting - go somewhere inviting:

Mom had to go to the doctor for a check up. 
At least there was good reading material there!

If you are lucky you will score this book. 
It's on the shelves at First Church LF's 64th Annual Rummage Sale 
where Mom has been sorting items for the BIG sale that is this weekend.

I hope the weather is finally nice where you live and you are getting out in the sunshine.

 Even though I may look forlorn while waiting to go on a walk, 
it's true that sometimes I make Mom go for a "drag" instead!

The end.

(Until next month!)

PAWS and reflect back.
What has caught your eye this month?
Snap a photo of something eye catching and send it to a friend!

~ Magnus Pym

(I simply do not understand why I cannot sleep with Mom and Dad.)

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  1. Magnus, tell your mom that I used to play that album on my stereo. It's a good one!. Maybe your friends can help you sniff out an old 8-track player for her.