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Dog Blogger
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Monday, March 31, 2014

Cold Paws, Warm Heart

It has been frosty and my paws have had enough of the fluffy white stuff.

Dog walks were "ruff" this year. 

I am ready to watch this stuff go away!

The only ice I want right now is ice cream!
(Graeter's, Dairy Queen, Jeni's or whatever kind drops on the floor.)

Note: This puzzle is a lie.

I certainly do not obey. 
I am not allowed up on my parents' bed. 
Butt (extra t my choice) it has been so cold I jumped up there to snuggle!

My friend stayed warm by staying inside and watching the Westminster dog show on TV.

But he knows it's much better to take a nap.

(I do not like being awakened.)

I have really needed some extra snuggling this winter!

Hey, I know we dogs are cool, but I am ready to be warm now!

Okay, enough whining...
You know what tastes really good?
Pigs in a blanket - especially when stolen out of an unsuspecting guest's hand!

Be sure not to get ICEolated.
Get out there and get yourself some puppy love!

 We all need to stay in touch with loved ones. 
It's important to have a circle of close friends and family.

If you know someone needs some loving, take them over some supper.

When you know someone needs a warm hug 
and you can't do it in person, send them a card!

Because there are many times when events happen that are devistating 
and you won't know what to say.

That is when you must remember, that no matter what

springs eternal!

Keep the faith.

~ Magnus Pym

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