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Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Heart to Heart

 Does your cup overflow?

Is your life a walk on the beach?

If not, read this (especially #4):

If after taking this advice you are still not "feelin' the love" 
get out some favorite old photos and reminisce.

Here's a couple oldie but goody throwbacks of me.

Wasn't I a cute puppy?
This was taken when I used to blog about Mom's store.
It comes so naturally to me I could do it in my sleep even back then!

I still use Mom's laptop to blog. 

And look at the snow dog Mom and I made my first winter. 
I was only about 3 months old in these pics.

(We sure have had a lot of this tiny white stuff fall from the sky lately!)

I hope you have been able to get out to buy essentials.
 (Mom even saw a Phantom Lake Y Camp friend 
when she went to get milk - and more importantly, Milkbones!)

If you are able to get out, maybe treat yourself to some take out food.
(I still don't understand why I didn't get any of this fried rice.)

This month I want you to PAWS and ponder,
where do you find LOVE?

Do you see it within the places you go?

Are you seeking your heart's desire - even within the nitty gritty?

Maybe you can ask a friend to help you find some love.

Or maybe you just need to curl up on a loved sweatshirt and take a nap.

There are so many ways to warm your heart!

You could listen to this song by Steven Curtis Chapman: Love Take Me Over.

You could go for a walk with some friends!
(This is not me.)

Or you could go see a play!

Whatever it is you love to do, go out and do it!

Love comes in so many forms of
people, places and things.

For example, lots of humans like chocolate - but it's dangerous for dogs.

Personally, I prefer a good pair of boots, preferably new and leather.

Whoooo do you love?

I hope you give them a Valentine!
(Or a lick. You choose.)

~    Magnus Pym


  1. Impressed by the baby pic, Magnus! What a strong little guy! Finding love photos are such a good eye and reminder for us to SEE the love all around...and BE the love in the eyes of others. Hugs!

  2. Loved the blog...Loved the video...Love you Magnus!

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  3. Magnus, you're just so creative!!!!!

  4. Magnus, Harry, Susie and Debbie sends you hugs from Ohio for Valentines Day and loves your Snoopy Valentines!