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Dog Blogger
Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Bone Chilling

It's bone chilling cold here. 
I hope you are staying warm!

If it's cold where you are I recommend you stay inside,
get out a favorite toy or two, or three
and find something good to watch on TV.

There are some dogs who are made for cold weather

or can put on a sweater and look good out in the snow.

My body was not made for such weather or fashions.

 So I am going to curl up in the sunshine 

 under some blankets and pillows 

and not come out until it warms up!

PAWS and think of who you need to call and check up on
 to be sure they are safe and if you are in a warm climate bask in the blessing!

~ Magnus Pym

P.S. Beware of after Christmas sales - you can end up looking 
like a real ding a ling if you're not careful.

This link was just sent to me - what a cool dog - but remember rawhide bones are dangerous for bulldogs. Check out this fun video about Rescue Bulldogs.

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