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Saturday, December 7, 2013

I'll Have a Blue Christmas

Dear Santa,
I wouldn't mind having a BLUE Christmas.
May I please have the contents of this truck?
Thank you,
Magnus Pym
P.S. I've been pretty good. Sort of...
Here's some cookies for you as a small token of my affection.

I helped Mom wrap some Christmas presents.

She took them with us when we went back to OH-IO for Thanksgiving.
(There were some complaints about my hair 
causing some major clean up in the rental van…)

There's also a rumor I am not invited to travel with the family anymore 
which I find pretty unfair since I am a good traveler - and driver!
(Just kidding about the driving. Sorry if I scared you.)

In Ohio my girlfriend and I hung out. We recognized this house. 
It smelled familiar.

I also spent some time relaxing by a warm stove. 

It's getting chilly here by the lake.
Mom is going to freeze at Da Bears game 
when she goes to see the Monday Night Football game.
I'll just watch the game on the (forbidden) IKEA couch…tee hee.

In Illinois I made a new bulldog friend. He has a great name too: Bacon.

Mom has photos on her computer of dogs I don't know. What's up with that?

Mom said she saw this sock and thought it was a dog - but she was fooled!


 Things I will allow in my home this Christmas:

Things I will not:

Shopping for presents can make Mom hungry.

I think she needs to get 


That's all I have to say this month except:

~ Magnus Pym

PAWS and remember the gift given for you.

Merry Christmas!

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