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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Head Case

Sometimes I get crazy ideas in my head. 
(This month I thought it was a good idea to chew on Dad's pool stick…)
When I have those crazy moments I am grateful for friends who 
gently shepherd me back onto the right path.
Early morning walk talks with a pal are delightful
but the frosty dew can be chilly so I recommend a stylin' sweater like this one:
There are many fashionable choices of course but whatever you don,
I hope you will be covered in Puppy Love.
We've already had some flurries here!
Did you?
Other November happening include:
I turned 4 - and got a new toy,
Mom made banana bread and heard the author Anne Lamott speak,
and my human sister made chocolate chip cookies for the 
Harry Potter Club she conjured up at her high school.
(She said there were over 50 people who came to the first meeting!)
During our snuggle time I asked if could come to the club as the three headed dog.
(I'll let you know if I get clearance.)
Speaking of heads, check out this buck that was in our backyard!
And here's another head Mom wants me to show you all.
She thinks this rock she saw in Utah 
looks like Ohio Wesleyan's Battling Bishop. I see it…sort of.
(But you know what I think is even funnier? 
The current OWU president is named Rock!)
Look at this pup's impressive headshot.
That's Sky, the dog Mom was visiting in Colorado.
What a nice looking pooch!
(His brother took the pic, not my mom, but Mom took this one of me.)
I was lonely when Mom was gone.
When she returned I got it into my head that I could be a lap dog. 
Sadly, Mom says I am too big.
Speaking of being too big, Mom was not happy about the 
alien invasion that landed here while she was gone.
(Especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts so soon!)
Not to sound too big headed, but I am proud to share that 
I have finally gotten below 60 lbs! (Doctor's orders.)
However, I did not like getting my blood taken when I was at the vet's!
Mom says her answer to the holiday headache 
of weight gain is to turn her
 "butt pack" into a "muffin top cover."

I guess whatever works…

Mom got a sweet letter from her India friends.
(I think she's got it in her head to go back there…)
I went to the post office with her recently and behaved very nicely, thank you very much.

I also went walking in the Open Lands and came home with some nice deTAILing.  

Sometimes I crack myself up!
I can get a little looney in the head.
I hope you are able to keep your head during the upcoming holidays. 
Try not to overindulge by eating or spending too much.
When you get tempted, PAWS, and keep a level head by saying a prayer of gratitude!
It is amazing how fulfilling thankfulness can be!

~ Magnus Pym

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