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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rock Solid

Hound dogs know, rock solid friendships are hard to find, 
so if you have one, treasure it, and nurture it. 
That's what Mom was doing when she went out to Colorado for a week. 
Her friend moved out there - where farms are called ranches - 
and she wanted Mom to come see it.

So while my mom was playing, I was hard at work on the blog.
(At least she brought back some good photos for me to use!)

I thought Mom would take cowboy boots out West but she took her hiking boots. 

She said the trails would be rocky and steep and she would need them for a firm footing.

She also said the roads are mainly gravel and dirt which makes vehicles dusty. I like dirt.

I like mud too. Mom said she walked with her friend and her friend's dog Sky by a reservoir where they looked for wildcat paw prints!
She doesn't think this is one, but still…
I would rather sit on a (forbidden) couch watching sports with other men
than be out wildlife hunting!

The only bears I wanna see are the Bears!
And I sure don't want to meet a rattlesnake if I go to a dog park!
I was glad to see Sky gets to sleep on a couch,
 enjoys chewing on a bone, and taking a walk by a river.
Mom said Sky likes belly rubs too - but he doesn't do the dog paddle when getting one.

I found out Sky has a height advantage!
Mom said they ate off of a different plate every night. (I prefer the Thurber dog one!)
Remember I ate a boot and a shoe?
Well, I decided to try something salty so I ate part of a snore machine this month.
(I don't recommend it. It didn't digest well.)

Mom said everywhere they went there were dogs.
See the English Bulldog in the tutu?
How can she (he?) breathe with the high altitude out there?
Mom said there were dogs in stores, at restaurants, everywhere she looked.
Her clothes sure smelled like dogs.

Dogs aren't allowed at the National Parks where she went hiking though.
(And humans weren't for awhile in October!)
Boy was Mom glad they were opened when she was there -
she made her plane reservations in August!
Mom thinks these rocks from the Canyonlands of Utah look like a poodle and Goofy. 
Do you?

Mom saw lots of rocks out West. 
And while she was looking at them, 
sometimes she felt they were looking at her.
She even saw rocks shaped like dogs!
This landmark site shows there were dogs waaaaay long ago too!

She said she fell inwith the West.

She said the clouds were amazing. Check out this pink rain!
Mom did do some shopping. She got some cool beaded earrings made by a Ute Native. 
(She didn't get this fabu necklace tho, or this inspirational mug, or even this cool t-shirt!)
(I am glad she didn't buy this dog shaped lamp. I think it would scare me.)
Mom's friend said they only "scratched the surface" 
in terms of seeing all the amazing sites out there. 
She said there are still many, many ancient ruins and parks she wants to explore.
(And since her husband teaches geology he especially 
wants to go see the various rocks they hold.)
Speaking of rocks being held. Have you ever seen a truck with big boulders like this on it?
Mom saw it on the way to the airport. She thinks it was "a sign" that she needs to return.

PAWS and reflect on your friendships.
Are you making sure they are solid as a rock?

~ Magnus Pym


  1. Magnus, were you listening to the theme from Rocky while you wrote this?