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Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rainbow Writings

That quote helps me deal when it's raining cats and dogs around here...

Like when I am not allowed to go with my family where they go.

See me? 
I am there, right behind the closed door,
watching Mom leave.
(Dad took me to the "spa" later.)

My human brother graduated from college in Ohio
and although other dogs were obviously allowed near the events I was not.

And in Ohio they went to Graeter's and the Old Bag of Nails - 
both places where dogs are welcome.

While traveling Mom saw some big, hairy dogs at a yarn shop.

Let me state this in black and white:
I like being with my family.
(I also do not like it when my toys get lost under the couch.)

Anyway, check out my friend's summer cut - so stylin!

And how about this cool village sticker?
 For the next year all the vehicles in town will be 
reminding everyone how great dogs are!

Here's some items Mom saw this past month she wants me to "dog-ument" on the blog.
(Mind you that catty shirt is just wrong.)

Now that the flowers are finally blooming I have been able to get out for walks. 

I love it when Dad and I go through the park!

Mom met this dog in Michigan.
Her name is Black Pearl. 
She's pretty!

Although I can't have bones for a treat 
I do appreciate the idea of this big of a perk.

Mom brought back some coloring books from her parents' home.
These are the ones I like best. 

Isn't it cool how my human sister and her friends 
lined up their prom dresses like a rainbow?

 Mom listens to K Love on the radio. 
She likes the way the music calms her and makes her joyful.
One of her favorite songs is Laura Story's "Blessings" which has the lyrics:
"What if your blessings come through raindrops?"
"What if the trials of this life
the rain
the storms
the hardest nights.
Are your mercies in disguise?"

How do you deal with the storms of life?
How do you celebrate the rainbows?

PAWS and try your best to have a sunny disposition -
it's sure to make you glow all over!

~ Magnus Pym


  1. Magnus, thanks for reminding us to look up for the rainbows instead of down at the puddles. :)

  2. Have you ever seen a double rainbow Magnus? They are a gift from God!