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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Joys of Cleaning House

My human mom thought English Bulldogs didn't shed. (Whew, I am glad that information was communicated poorly so that I was adopted regardless of my salt shaker like daily existence. As you all know the couch is my domain and since it is brown the surface often looks like a sea salt sprinkled milk chocolate bar.)

When I was younger I used to bark at and attack the vacuum. After some scolding and squirts from a bottle labeled Doggie Detente I have pretty much curbed my appetite for the Oreck's plastic hose. (I do still revert at times of weakness or confusion.) Recently Mom decided to literally go to the source of the problem and  simply suck the hairs right off my back. Who knew this would be so enjoyable? Not me! It's like a massage! It's delightful! No one else was home when Mom did this so they didn't believe her when she explained that I allowed her to directly drag the hose onto my skin. When my human dad and siblings came home later and were given a showing of this spa-like experience they were shocked. (There are teeth marks on the vacuum hose so they had a good reason to doubt.) Once the evidence was in, I was videotaped displaying my pleasure at helping Mom "clean house."

Aren't you impressed with my calm demeanor?
(I don't understand why Mom is perturbed by the fact that I trail behind her as she cleans, licking her ankles and trying to get between the head of the hose and the rugs. Since she's cleaning up my hairs I figure, just go to the source! It just feels sooooo good!)

Summer has begun so my "digs" have expanded. 
I now get to go outside onto the deck patio and lounge.  Enjoyable!
Dad has made it very attractive with a jungle garden atmosphere. 
Can you see me?

This is my current "head shot" for publicity purposes. (Mary took it.)
I think I pull off a casual and yet distinguished look, don't you?

I hope your summertime pleasures include some time outside in nature. 
Recently the media has been espousing that one's creativity 
is increased through more connection with the outdoors.  
I don't mean to be disrespectful to the reporters, but, "DUH!"
Why do you think dogs insist on doing their business outside?
So get outside, PAWS, and let your creative juices flow!

~ Magnus Pym

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