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Dog Blogger
Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Digs

Magnus has left the building...

...and entered a new one!

My humans moved! 
(And since they took the couch with them I decided to join them.)

Mind you, the lawn is currently mud and grass seed 
so it's hard to get any business done without getting in trouble.  

But since I had a staph infection on my paw it was a "ruff" few weeks anyway. 
(When Mom asked the vet how I got it she said, "They just get them." 
Really? I hope I don't get anymore!

We now live near an Open Lands area 
so I have some interesting new walking paths to explore.
(Yes, Mom applies tick repellant monthly.)

It took a couple days - but the Internet and cable are hooked up 
 so I can finally get my blog posts written. 

Some of you know my Mom is celebrating her 50th birthday soon. 

Well, Missy, (my doggled friend) has a really nice mama 
who gave my mama some cute greeting cards 
and a fabu key chain that has charms with an English Bulldog theme!
(Now Mom is able to remember my adorableness while driving and writing!)

I hope you all are in digs that have a favorite snuggle spot, 
are able to get your business done without getting in the dog house,
are germ free and healthy,
and are also being treated with generous kindness!

I know after moving three times in nine months 
my humans and I are hoping to actually PAWS 
and enjoy our surroundings!

I hope you are all staying cool in these dog days of summer!

~ Magnus Pym

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  1. Magnus, I'm so happy for you! How nice that you have new cozy napping spots and a great new path for exploring!