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Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap On It!

Are you gnawing on something?
My human dad noticed that I need a little bone therapy every once in awhile.
It helps me think clearly and feel calmer.
When you are agitated you need to PAWS and find something that brings you comfort.
When my human mom needs to meditate on something she goes for long walks 
- preferably to the beach. (Sometimes I get to go with her!)
And, no surprise, look who we found when we got there!
It's always good to go to God when we have a question. 
Often there are life opportunities that present themselves and we wonder if we are supposed to take the LEAP OF FAITH
and go... 
Well, I have some advice for you all on this once every four years day:
If you have prayed about it and truly feel God is calling you to do something 
LEAP on it with joy and GO! 
My human mom has been seeing and hearing signs from God about an experience she is considering LEAPing into.
Every time she tries to run from this "mark on her" 
(as someone else said they noticed while praying over her 
at a weekend women's church retreat) another positive sign has been shown to her.
Nothing is set in stone, but her heart is a "living stone" 
beating for Christ's cause and she's ready to
 LEAP with joy at whatever her next journey's mission may be.  

"The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him will all my heart. 
He helps me and my heart leaps with joy..." Psalm 28:7

(Even if she has to leave me for a few weeks to follow God's call,
I will trust it will be the right choice.)
What's Jesus calling you to take a LEAP of faith about?
~ Magnus Pym
Leap Day, 2-29-12

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