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Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yes Sir, I say just belly up to it and relax!

This is Sir Magnus speaking. 
There is a time for decorum.
And there is a time to relax.
I know it's hard to know when to do which, but take it from me, you need both.
Recently my mother was in a setting where she had to wear 
what she calls "groan up" clothes. (She told me it was worth it.)
Ironically, while she was attending this event she was gifted a professional massage. 
(She says this kind of service is refreshing and healthy.) 
As shown by the photo below I prefer a good belly rub. The more hands the better. 
But, to allow someone to provide this kind of healing touch you have to be submissive. 
True, I have my ticklish moments. 
(I can't stop my back leg from shaking when that certain spot is hit!) 
Trust me, getting past the weirdness and vulnerability
 of the situation is worth it! 
Have you stopped and "PAWS"ed lately to treat yourself to something refreshing? 
I hope you will.
There will certainly be no belly aching from me about taking time to relax!

~ Magnus Pym

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