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Dog Blogger
Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July is a whirlwind of colors!

July is Mom's birthday month!
Mom likes to shop for gifts for other people!
There sure are a lot of pretty flowers in July!
Summer travel seems to look cooler.

 Other media and arts Mom enjoyed this month:
Something Rotten (Broadway Tour)
This will be seen by Mom 
the first Tuesday in August at Marcus for $5! 
July gets HOT.
These help:
Speaking of HELPing.
PLEASE download the Donate a Photo app TODAY!
Mom has "donated" $500 plus!
Johnson & Johnson donates a DOLLAR to charitable causes 
when Mom posts a photo on the app. 
Isn't it interesting that this murky water 
is actually full of nutrients for these ducklings?
Nature is full of mysteries.
Mom says she tips her hat to the Creator for this beautiful world!
 Swans are stunning to see flying!
The Fourth of July in our little town is played up BIG.
But Mom and Dad left me with friends and went on a road trip.

It was a long holiday weekend.
Mom and Dad didn't even call me once.
 All this traveling stuff is for the birds. 
Mom saw lots of critters this month 
and I even got to hang out with one of them! 
 Summertime has awesome nibbles.
And sometimes crumbs fall for pups to help clean up.
Mom loves to write letters to friends. 
She bought these pretty stationary cards
and since she doesn't use a hard copy address book anymore
she's going to use this one for for a travel journal!
The Arts can be enjoyed outside in July!
 But alas, there is lots of road construction...
 July is a great month for t-shirt wearing.
Mom really likes the Minions.
They make her laugh.
Did you get any new summer toys?
I usually play inside in July.
I'm not a big fan of exercising outside in July due to the heat and humidity.
But it looks like it's a vital role in warding off dementia so get moving!
IKEA views.
Fiesta Fun!
 Mom and Dad continue to hunt for treasures...
 I am always ready to take a truck drive but remember to be careful!
Summertime HEAT is NOT safe for dogs in cars.

Mom loves seeing all the summer fun in downtown Chicago!
The top of the Bean disappeared into the sky!
Go see the Gauguin exhibit at the Art Institute 
or the Rolling Stone one at Navy Pier!
 Mom got to go to the Bonnie Raitt/James Taylor Concert at Wrigley Field.
(Sadly only service dogs were allowed.)
 Keep up the fight! #Resist #GlobalWarmingisReal 
 Call your representatives! March! Protest! Make a stand!
Political storms continue to rage...
 We've had LOTS of rain and flooding here.
Can you tell it's been muddy?
 Lots of folks lost belongings and even homes in the flooding.
Remember to check on your neighbors and see how you can help.
Drink plenty of water!!!!
And always remember:
God's got a plan. 
Our job is to have faith and trust.
Fully Rely on God
PAWS a Moment and think of how you have been 
of service for someone this month.

~ Magnus Pym

I don't recognize this backpack smell.
 And I have seen luggage out.
I think Mom is heading off on another adventure!

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  1. Magnus, this post was just like a fireworks display ---- it was so fun and simply got better and better!