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Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Barn It!

There used to be a barn in Ohio that Mom loved - but barn it, it was torn down!
Happily, Mom's heart has been stolen by another barn!
A few days ago she drove by this renovated farm and learned that it is now a church!
Mom has connected with the staff and some of the congregation 
and is hoping to serve using her calling for writing. 
Mom saw lots of nature and beautiful sites this month.
Check it out:
Barn it!
Mom got a traffic ticket this month!
That's a lot of dog walking earnings gone!
Barn it!
I tried and tried to catch a snowball and I just couldn't.
Then Mom hit me with one!
The snow is gone now but barn it, 
we sure did have a lot of icicles!
The house looked like it had jagged teeth!
Barn it!
Mom made a March Madness bracket and it was at 98% 
(for the first round) 
but now it's a goner...
Me, I am a champion in the March MUDness competition!
Heh, heh, heh.
Mom saw sooooooo many cool 
nature and vintage things 
this month!
Here's a slew of:
and other funky stuff:
Scenes seen.
Around town:

Via text from a flyin' friend:
At home:
Around the Blarney Stone:
Barn it, there sure are some moving, sad, violent, touching, 
funny, goofy, crazy, and amazing movies and shows!
Barn it all, Mom was not going to be beat by the library's reading contest!
There are not wee ones in our home anymore so Mom went across the street
and read books to the neighbor kiddos!
When she asked the child to sign her tic tac toe board the young lady said,
"My name is too long, can I just write my initials?"
It was all so very Alexandra Stoddard like.
The prizes were a free coffee, these books and a water bottle! Wahoo!
Speaking of game boards, Mom had enough caffeine this month:
Mom didn't read any of these books and she does not like cooking
but barn it, these books have cool covers, titles and subjects!
She did listen to this one!
Fun characters with an encouraging message to writers. Check it out!
And to this one - which was a bit hard to follow but Mom says she got the gist of it.
And she got to see some live theatre! Awesome!
Barn it all, Mom and Dad had some good food 
and discovered some cool restaurants - without me! 
Mom continues to enjoy a cup of tea at bedtime and has fun putting
tea tags inside greeting cards to make "confet-tea".
Mom loves posting on Donate a Photo!
But barn it all, she keeps breaking her streak - a pain that cuts like a knife!
Mom and I both love a little treat - but(t) barn it all, 
sometimes Mom throws mine in hard to get places!
Mom found some cute snowflake straws she shared with the neighborhood kids.
 Have you tried this new item from Trader Joe's?
Mom likes it!
Have you had any of these fun foods?
Here's some food for thought:
Are you a bike rider?
Mom isn't anymore. It hurts her knees. 
But barn it, isn't this a cute window display?
Speaking of POWER...Mom stepped up recently to host a
RESISTance Write Off with Greenpeace.
Here's this month's guest dogs and barn it, cats.
Mission:Pic continues to be a source of joy for Mom. 
Matter of fact she's hosting a M:P Meet Up in a few days!
No foolin'!
Check it out!
Come join us!!!
Speaking of Chicago...
Finally baseball season is coming again!
Go Cubs, go!
Barn it, no matter what comes your way
PAWS and realize you are treasured! 
Keep on truckin'! 
Cuz everything's groovy!
Face your fears!
 And know without a shadow of a doubt that you are dearly loved!
Even when things seem dark
search out the light.
Even when things become broken
know that with a little 
creativity and faith,

light will shine through.

A little car talk:
Mom sent a letter.
Remember to always:

~ Magnus Pym


  1. Magnus, I enjoy reading your thoughts and seeing your photos each month. Thank you for your hospitality in having my Annabelle play a guest role this month, as the sleeping kitty!

    1. Thank you for the kind words!
      Mom and I try!
      Mom says Annabelle is such a sweet kitty so I am glad to have her celebrity appearance on the blog!

  2. Good job Magnus! Your Mom took some great pictures this month. Keep on woofing along!

    1. Thanks Dotts!
      Woofing is one of my favorite pasttimes!
      Especially at the dishwasher around midnight!