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Dog Blogger
Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Red, White, and Bulldog

Welcome to my cyber home where I PAWS monthly to ponder. 

Scrape off the day's dirt... 

find a cozy seat with a view,

and grab a favorite treat to munch on as you savor some summer settings.

Have you been able to hear some live music with some loved ones?

At an outdoor concert venue,

or on a village green,

with tasty treats -

possibly under the stars?

Did you join a Summer Reading Club and discover new genres?

Have you gathered with some friends for a potluck
and played some old fashioned games like Pictionary?


Have you chased a ball or cheered for those who do?


Have you tried a new look, like a summer cut or color?

Have you taken any walks to see how many shades of green there are in a garden
or been dazzled by the vastness of a prairie?

Have you stretched your world and connected it to those farther away?

Have you valued freedom and the growth it allows you?
Did you attend a parade?


Have you sailed off to, 
driven to, 
or at least let your mind daydream to
 someplace new?

Have you seen beauty in-between the cracks?

Have you created something new, maybe stitched together with well loved memories?

Have you followed others and trusted that they can help you reach new heights?



Can you now squawk about learning a new technique?
Are you willing to share your knowledge with others?

Or have you marked your territory, 

 isolated, and become trapped in the same rut?

It's your choice.

Here's a "mugshot" toast to those of you who have seized summer
and shared your sizzling experiences!

My hat is off to you!

Congrats for trying new experiences, 
trusting others, 
and sharing your joy! 

It's not too late to PAWS and rethink your summer!

You still have time to catch a wave of excitement!

~ Magnus Pym

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