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Dog Blogger
Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Plan B(ulldog)

Have you ever felt sad when something 
happens you just didn't see coming?
You felt you were doing something well 
but someone else said you weren't.
You knew disagreeing wasn't worth the trouble
because it wouldn't change things anyway.

Not to be BIG headed, but there are things I am good at.
(Fetching, licking, chewing, eating garbage, and especially sleeping.) 
And when I can't do what I do best,
I just want to put my tail between my legs.
(Which for me can only be figuratively.
Have you ever actually looked closely 
at an English Bulldog's tail?)

So if situations become exhausting and prickly
and the way out is embarrassing and humbling, 
just remember as you go through the pain that God has a plan.

Keep your chin up, move on, and keep believing in yourself.

Because you know what God made you to do
and he will give you new opportunities to do it!

~ Magnus Pym

Take a moment today to PAWS and be thankful for your talents.


  1. Thank you, Magnus! I learn something from you every time you post! You are top dog. :)

  2. Today I listened to a program on "NPR" the topic of which was "Beauty" -- not inner beauty but outer beauty. The young woman being interviewed was a model and she did feel that girls/women who were beauties, had more things come their way.

    M agnus no doubt has inner beauty, but outer? Maybe to another bulldog. What does Magnus have to say about outer beauty--when he's in a roomfull of show dogs, for example?
    Go, Magnus.