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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Into Action

The snow is melting!
The birds are singing!
 Listen to this video of frogs peeping! 
(And remember to F.R.O.G. - Fully Rely On God!)
Hey, now that I can get walked more 
maybe my urge to chew on the wrong things will stop.
This was my bed. This was a very expensive boot - owned by my mom's friend.
There was a grilled cheese on the plate that was on that table.
To help with cabin fever we have been jumping into (the) pool. 
At first I was kind of jealous and attacked the sticks, 
but now I like hanging out with my pool shark dad.
Come over and try to beat him, he's good!
But sometimes I am too lazy to go alllllll the way down the stairs. 
So I just listen from upstairs.
(Dad sure doesn't like that 8 ball very much.)
 I continue to be a hungry dog.
Why doesn't anyone ever takes ME to the Left Bank for a hot dog?
The couch pickings have become very light 
now that Dad is watching his cholesterol
and even though I have offered to go out and clean up 
after the deer Mom always says no.

So, as the clock nears 7 p.m. I make sure and remind my humans that it is DINNER TIME!
(Watch this video to see me explain that my tummy is rumbling!)
(Whining is an art I have mastered!)
Speaking of art...humans sure look at it differently than dogs.
I prefer this fine mosaic much more than that lopsided thing 
all those humans are staring at.
But I mainly I like finding beauty in an outdoor setting. 
(I had no idea my mom could make a morning dove 
coo sound with her cupped hands!)
These bushes are such a pretty red and isn't this hula hoop hilarious? 
And although I like trees for a different reason than children do, I see they are also good for swinging from and making forts you can climb into.

I hope you SPRING into action 
and find some things to 
hear, taste, see, touch, and smell 
that will bring 
YOU joy!

~ Magnus Pym

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  1. Magnus, I love that you are so observant and keep tabs on what is happening inside, outside, and even downtown! And yet you still have time to remind Mom when it is time for dinner. :)