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Magnus PAWSing to reflect.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chilling Consequences

The only time Mom likes to say, "Bad Dog," 
is when she is telling someone about this 
yummy mustard from Northern Michigan.

I got in trouble today.

Have you ever just wanted to run away?
Have some time to yourself?
Make a quick get away?
Take a daring adventure?
Well I did!

 There's this patch of brambly woods beside our house and sometimes, 
when the human in charge of me is not watching, 
I dash into this haven of deer droppings.

I have to admit, it's more comfortable in milder weather.
(19 degrees is chilly for this short haired pup.)

I like the way the scrub trees and bushes are all tangled 
and humans can't follow me!

I was really far away from home!

On a path less traveled. 

I wish I could say it all worked out for the best
but after a two hour Time Out in my crate 
I think I would rather take a shower than be in trouble.
And you can see how much I like bathing...

Have you ever made a choice that seemed exciting 
but then had some chilling consequences 
or created some regrets?

Take a moment to PAWS and remember a bad choice 
and then be grateful you learned a new trick!

~ Magnus Pym

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  1. Magnus, did you explain to Mom that you were simply visiting dear, deer friends? :)