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Friday, November 23, 2012

Good (Enough) Housekeeping Cover Shot

Were Thanksgiving preparations "ruff" for you this year?
(We hosted both sets of grandparents/in-laws for the holiday!)
Our extra efforts were rewarded though as 
I was featured on the cover of 
Good (Enough) Housekeeping magazine!

It was because of my tiny white hairs being sprinkled throughout our home
(and my mom's ability to zip around with a hand held vacuum 
15 minutes before each set of guests arrived)
that I got selected for the magazine's cover! 
(The mud I bring in on my paws probably helped too.)

Without the need for me to be cleaned up after 
this kind of honor would have never been bestowed upon our family.

We are so grateful.

Let us know what you are thankful for this year!


Magnus Pym

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  1. Congratulations, Magnus! How refreshing to see a white-haired male featured on a magazine cover. Brad Pitt must be absolutely fuming, though. By the way, have you considered giving your mom a Roomba for Christmas?