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Sunday, October 21, 2012

International Fame

Dear Readers,
Here is a photo of PAWS Moments with Magnus Pym being shared with some men in India! My mom led a blogging seminar while on her mission trip and used MY blog as inspiration! How very cool!

Here's a photo of a group photo being organized at a Women's Sunday School Teachers' Conference where Mom gave a presentation about creative writing. She sat in one of the plastic chairs for the picture but she said she hated that the two dogs had to be asked to move so her Team could sit down.

As you can see by their expressions these pooches were not used to all the hullabaloo.
I think the brown one is saying, "Go ahead, make my day."
I wish I could have been there to negotiate.
Mom brought me home a gift. It's a wind up riskshaw type taxi cab toy. 
It is fun to chase, but I want to eat it.
Mom gave me a bath the day she got home and we've gone on some walks since she got back, but mostly she's been spending time writing thank you notes. She says she's really grateful for all the support her friends and family gave her about her decision to answer God's call and go on the short term mission trip to India. 
I am grateful Mom is back. I am going to lick her face the next time it gets near my tongue.
Are you missing a loved one who lives far from you or is away from home? 
PAWS for a moment and be thankful you have loved ones to miss while you are apart.

~ Magnus Pym

(Mom says she's emailing you all links to her India photo journal.)

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