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Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm on Couch Rest for Spring Break

Textbooks do not make the best pillow, 
but that is all they will be for the next week.
I am actually on "couch rest" 
due to a sports injury. 
(Too much romping.)

March Madness is pretty crazy around here with four Ohio colleges making it into the Sweet 16. It's hard to get any peace and quiet around here. But my human dad is headed back to Ohio for the week and Mom probably won't even turn that black screen on the whole time.

I hope you are able to get some R&R during the next week! Find a warm shaft of sunlight and take a cat nap. 
Oops, I mean a dog snooze.

Especially if you can be at the end of a rainbow!
(It's hard to see - but it's there on my back and forehead!)

And then when you wake up 
be sure and 
strrrrrrrrrrretch out really well.

(I can downward dog well, huh?)

I do hope to get the "spring" back in my step soon but for now I will just take it easy!

~ Magnus Pym

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  1. Magnus, I admire you for being so sensible about exercise, rest, and life in general!